DRI friends going for $100,000

SAN ANTONIO — Inspiration comes from words and inspiration spurs action. This chain of events was on display at the annual San Antonio Disability Resources Dinner last month. Thirty was the theme as the evening marked the agency’s anniversary with San Antonio and more specifically, the connection between DRI and Presley and Mae Orsburn.

“I did this for 30 years for children who need it,” Mae Orsburn, whose daughter is a resident, said. “There are people at DRI who really need that place and have a safe place there. It was a good evening and we had a good crowd. By the end of the year we will have reached our goal of 100,000. We are getting closer, but we are not there yet.”

President and CEO Kelly Young spoke and mentioned Mae’s goal of $100,000 to help the Christian home for intellectually challenged adults. The facilities are mainly on the 170-acre campus and the planners are currently raising money to bring all the folks from housing inside the city to the new homes they plan to build. After that, they have set their sights on building a self-sustaining endowment.

This year is the first time that the dinner has been held at Alzafar Shrine Ballroom. The ever-popular DRI Bell Peppers and Ring of Fire Handbell Choirs performed. There was also a silent auction as well as a drawing for two quilts.

In an interesting twist, Presley and Mae’s daughter won the quilt created by Mrs. Hayes. The speakers included Young, the sibling of a resident, and Marketing VP Tim Yandell.

To find out more about DRI or to donate, contact Holly Holmes by email at hholmes@driabilene.org or call 325-677-6815.


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