Events encourage student athletes

KERRVILLE — The church here has been praying for the work of and service of their brother, Tivy High defensive line football coach and English teacher, Ty Taylor. When school began, Taylor started serving as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsor.

Earlier this year, the Hill Country Community Journal reported a back-to-school community event in which Kerrville church of Christ Youth and Family Minister, Ricky Pruitt, led the prayer service. Over 200 students and their parents attended the “Blessing Service” on behalf of Tivy and Hal Peterson Middle School athletes.

According to the Journal, Taylor commented during the prayer service on surrender: “I’m a football coach and I take that role very seriously. If I don’t pay attention, I get so involved in coaching that I surrender my identity as a husband, a father, a brother and so on. If I surrender all things to Christ and be the best person I can be, the rest will work itself out.”

Recently, Taylor’s FCA sponsored a Fields of Faith youth/community rally on Oct. 11 at Antler Stadium. Pledged to challenge students to read the Bible and follow Jesus, the outreach encourages them to “Get in the Game and Get in the Book.”


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