Lunch is now served to SAC students by Maria Espinoza

SAN ANTONIO — The whiff of grilling smoked sausages sent a pleasing invitation to students beginning the school year at San Antonio College. The Church of Christ Student Center hosted the annual “Welcome Back to School” lunches on Aug. 28-29.

Students made their way inside the center to enjoy the donated 1,050 Kiolbassa sausages, 800 Missions tortillas, 18 gallons of green beans, and 22 salad containers. About 815 plates were served in all.

Several student helpers stood on the sidewalk with a three-wheeled ice cream freezer and gave away 800 fruit paletas. Area churches providing these meals were Alamo City, Dellcrest, Laurel Street, MacArthur Park, Northeast, and Northside.

In addition to the food served, 140 Bibles were distributed. Some students picked up lessons for World Bible School. The center’s Christian Association was there to share the activities they sponsor for the campus. Over 300 students signed up for updates at the student center.

 The weekly Thursday luncheons provide nourishment for the college students as well as other guests from the surrounding community. At each month’s luncheon, serving begins at 10:30 a.m. and goes until the food runs out.

While the students enjoy the meal, a member of the host congregation presents a devotional. Congregations participating in these Thursday luncheons are Sunset Ridge, Northeast, Dellcrest, Alamo City, Laurel Street, Pleasanton, and Northside.

The goal of the COCSC is to provide high-quality biblical education and spiritual growth opportunities for SAC students and community members. With the on-site staffing, the center offers a place for students to interact with young men and women whose values are directed toward Christ– the kind of interface that will sustain them for life.

This guidance will enable students to make positive contributions to society and the cause of Christ. The Center offers a variety of Bible Studies, training programs, and skills for life and godliness. For more information on the activities or to volunteer, call Director Mark Forster, at 210-736-6751.


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