Schertz lectureship reboots with Psalms

SCHERTZ –After taking a year off from its yearly intense study, the church here will enter the Book of Psalms during the 14th Annual Schertz Lectures at the building on Nov. 12-15. Providing fundamental, sound Bible teaching to help all grow in Christ, the lectureship is back.

Minister Stan Crowley will introduce the book during Sunday morning’s 9:30 session. The “Studies in the Psalms, Volume 1” lectureship will cover Psalms 1 to 72.

The sessions taught on the first day will go through chapter 18 and be led by Keith Mosher, Dan Flournoy, Tim Burroughs, Ken Ratcliff, Rick Brumback and Billy Bland.

The weekday lessons begin with the 9 a.m. class and end after the 8 p.m. session each night. Ladies classes are held each day at 4 p.m. in the fellowship building beginning on Monday. Carlie Bond will kick it off for the ladies with a lesson over the “New Song” of Rev. 5:9, 14:3, and 21:5.

LuAnn Rogers will take up “Mary’s Song” from Luke 1:46-55 On Tuesday. Jennifer O’Banon will follow on Wednesday with “Hannah’s Prayer” from I Sam. 2:1-9.

Monday’s lessons with Robert Sholl, Michael Light, Josh Romo, Mel Hutzler, Jim Word, Clay Bond, Shawn Price and Jason Rollo will cover Psalms 19-30, chapters 69-70, and 33-36.

Tuesday begins with Psalms 31-32, and then goes on to chapters 38-41, 56-58 and 45-55. Tim O’Banon, Joey Davis, Tim Hayes, Johnie Scaggs, Tim Wacaster, Dave Rogers, Sam Willcut and Ronnie Hayes will bring the word.

Trent Kennedy will kick off Wednesday’s classes with a study of Psalms 42-44. Randy Robinson, Daniel Lange, Josh Ortiz, Phillip Patton, Devin Dean and Don Walker will follow. They will teach on chapters 37, and 59 – 68 and 71-72. The lectureship will close with BJ Clarke’s summary of Psalms, Part 1.

The “Annual Lectures” link at carries the hourly schedule. For more information, email the church at or call the office at 210-658-0269.


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