Students work out at Jonah running rally

CORPUS CHRISTI – According to Minister Mark Hammitt, “Weber Road’s Annual Youth Rally turned out to be a blast for those able to attend!” The 45 young people and 20 adults met at Bandina Christian Youth Camp for a spiritual workout with “Jonah, the Running Man!” during the weekend of Oct. 21-22.

Stated Hammitt, “Retreats are a great way to encourage stronger faith in our young people and also build friendships that will hopefully last for a lifetime!”

The lessons focused on different kinds of spiritual sprints and marathons. Matt Gibson of the Riverside congregation here spoke on “Running Away from God-Disobedience.” Patrick Hammack (Odem church of Christ) explained what it took to be “Running to God—Prayer.”

Justin Guess of the Mathis church of Christ gave students the vision of “Running with God—Preaching.” Raoul Ferris from Riverside in Kerrville provided guidance on “Running Ahead of God—Complaining.”

On Sunday morning, student leaders Ryan Stark and Luke Gibson brought the lessons and Payton Hammitt and Koda Honig led the singing.

Hammitt thanked those who helped: “We appreciate Daniel Honig and Van Aguilar for organizing the games such as kickball, versions of tag and relay games. They also coordinated the bonfire. Keisha Joshlin chaperoned and helped with first aid duties.

“Thanks also to Mike and Susan Klotz, David and Stacey Stark, Randi Jackson, Denise Hammitt, Brenda Villarreal and Darleen Baldwin for organizing the registration, food, kitchen and other duties that were needed. We thank Stephen Charlebois for taking the reigns of the event this year and doing an outstanding job!”

“We also thank all of the other congregations that sent young people to the retreat and we hope that next year the rally will be just as successful.”


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