Youth Praise: To Eat or Not To Eat Ice Cream By Madison Campbell

SAN ANTONIO— “I would give up ice cream easily to come to another area-wide youth praise night,” said Leila Ebrahimnejad, 13, from MacArthur Park Church of Christ. “Plus I don’t like ice cream that much anyway,” added Ebrahimnejad.

Ebrahimnejad’s first area-wide youth praise night was on Oct. 22 at the Arms of Hope’s Medina campus. Despite the fact that she didn’t win any of her matches of Connect 4, she said that she still had a lot of fun. More than 80 students from three different congregations and Arms of Hope attended the area-wide youth praise night.

West Bexar County’s Gregory Campbell, Sr., led the singing and Mark Drew conducted the devotional. During part of the lesson, the students considered the question, “What is so important that you would give up ice cream for it?”

After the singing and devotional, the students had ice cream and played games. “My favorite parts were the posing game and worshiping with the other kids,” said Kitty Ramirez, 14, from West Bexar Country Church of Christ.

Everyone cheered as Gregory AJ Campbell Jr., 7, hit the ball over the pipe in a game of 9 square. AJ was one of the youngest children at the area-wide youth praise night, which is aimed for teenagers. “I was happy to play and be with the big kids who made me not feel little,” said AJ.

“My favorite part was when I got to mingle and play with people I didn’t know,” said Brynlie Murphy , 12, from MacArthur Park Church of Christ. “I would give up ice cream to come to the next one,” added Murphy.

“I also would gladly give up ice cream to come again,” Hallie Whittington, 16, also from MacArthur Park.

After savoring about three different flavors of ice cream, cookies and brownies, many students agreed that their favorite part was not the treats, but, rather, being around others, playing and fellowshipping.

The churches take turns leading the area-wide youth praise night. The next rally will be on Feb. 11, 2018. “I can’t wait until the next one to make some more memories,” said Ramirez.

The students issue this challenge: “We had board games, barnyard, enormous Jenga, 9 square, and ballgames. And with an awesome devo it was perfectly wrapped into a memory. But, hey don’t take my word for it. The next one is February 11th, so save the date, come and make your own memories!”


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