An End and a Beginning

GUEST COLUMN by Mark Hammitt

CORPUS CHRISTI — 2017 is gone! It was another year of opportunities that we either took advantage of or wasted. Twelve months of choices, joys, struggles, worries, and prayers. 365 days of being able to shine our lights in a world darkened by sin (Mt 5, Jn 3).
How did you fare? For a private exercise, try sitting down and listing on a piece of paper all the things you did or attempted to do for the Lord in 2017. Do you need more than one sheet of paper?
Just as one year is closing, another year is beginning. My hope is that you are excited as a Christian for the possibilities that God will put in the path of your life.
The year of 2018 will be an active one for Weber Road and the church at large. Upcoming Bible classes will be a major source of encouragement and learning for all, from the youngest of children to those who have experienced many years of life. Our worship assemblies seek to please God and to place Him first at the start of each week. All will have extra opportunities to share with the church family in fellowship, service projects, special studies, youth activities and much more! Stay informed through the weekly bulletin, the web site and social media pages.
As preacher, I plan to preach through several series which will include, “Do You Know God’s Power?” (Book of Joshua); “Look! The Fields are White for Harvest!” (a Sunday p.m. evangelism series); “Strengthening the Family;” “Authentic Christianity” (1 Timothy ); and “The Faces Surrounding the Cross.” I hope you will look forward to continued study from God’s Word during these series and the other sermons delivered throughout the year!
I encourage every member of the church of Christ to participate in worship, Bible studies, various activities and bringing others to Christ. Will you dedicate yourself to prayer, faithfulness, study of God’s Word, and inviting others to know more about your faith? Let’s plan for a great year and then work to make it great!


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