Breathing the same air as Jesus

story and photos by Madison Campbell

This tax collector wrote the names of those born of the house of David on the rolls and they paid up just as Joseph and Mary did after Jesus was born.

BURNET – The gate to the city opened to the aroma of fresh bread filling the air. There were no sidewalks, just dirt and rocks as everyone moved about the small town. The brown and grey walls came to life with torches on every corner and above the doors. People were yelling trying to sell their merchandise to raise enough money to pay their taxes.
Then a shepherd climbed up on top of the town’s well and began shouting. “The angel told me ‘Today in the town of David a Savior has been born. You will find him lying in a manger’,” he proclaimed.
The shepherd told us that a star would lead us to where the baby Messiah lay.
This year, more than 2,500 people attended “Main Street Bethlehem” here, a re-creation of the rural setting into which Jesus was born.
“This is my seco

The star leads all to the child.

nd year coming to this. It is so worth the drive from San Antonio,” said Amanda Nelson, a member of San Pedro Church of Christ.
“I keeping coming back because it helps start the season right for my family. It’s one thing to see a nativity scene or to read about it in the Bible but there is no comparison to walk, smell, hear, taste and touch what the night might have looked like when our Lord and Savior was born” added Nelson.
Susan Halbret, co-coordinator for this year’s event, said, “This year went very well and we have received so many compliments of how people loved it.” The First Baptist Church of Burnet has put this re-enactment together for 25 years now.
Volunteers from local churches and the community come together to help re-create the night. Next year God willing it will be held on the first two weekends of December for all to enjoy. The town is located about two-hour drive up 281 from San Antonio. The web site is here:


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