Help! VetNet and Bible give-aways picking up

by Buck Griffith
CORPUS CHRISTI – We rejoice to see increasing responses to our outreach to veterans and the prison Bible distribution. We appreciate your help in getting the word out about New Life Behavior Ministries’ resources to everyone in your circle of influence and your joining us in serving others.
The VetNet program is taking many requests from across the nation for the NLBM curriculum. Military veterans outside of prison and those who serve them ask for our lessons. Most veterans are not incarcerated, but many of those who are inside are requesting materials, too. Many from all branches of our military and their families are suffering.
At no cost, we make the top five courses available: Christian Marriage Skills, The Seeker Bible Study Series, Managing My Anger, Christians Against Substance Abuse, and the Attitudes and Behaviors lessons. In another direction, our big project today is raising funds to ship Bibles to prison chaplains to distribute freely among offenders. World Bible School has produced what we believe to be the best Bible for that mission.
The English Standard Version comes in a font that is readable in dimly-lit prisons. It contains a concordance and notes that spotlight the good news.
We want to purchase them in bulk. Volunteers will pick them up in Austin and bring them back to us to save the cost of shipping.
To help with either effort, mark “Bibles” and/or “VetNet” on the check and get it to us as soon as possible. Donations to support these and other prison ministry efforts may be sent to New Life Behavior Ministries, P.O. Box 270720, Corpus Christi, TX 78427-0720. Online donations may be made through PayPal. Click on the Donations tab at
For more information, contact me by email at or call 361-855-3372. Families are suffering.

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