Lads to Leaders – Let the little children come

SOUTH TEXAS — The Minister for the North Jefferson church of Christ in Mt. Pleasant recently shared this photo of

Getting ready for song leading at North Jefferson and at Lads 2 Leaders.

some trainees on social media. Young people throughout the United States prepare annually for the Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes convention. It is scheduled for the weekend of March 30-April 1 in most locations this year as we go to press.

This year’s theme comes from I Corinthians: “In Remembrance of Me (11:24-25). Minister J.J. Hendrix posted the photo, saying: “On Wednesday nights we let our boys lead singing before the opening prayer. We have a pew full! They are always excited and are looking forward to Lads 2 Leaders coming up next week!”
The organization offers both year-round and convention programs to achieve this outlook: “You don’t HAVE to teach them to be leaders in the church. Their experience in L2L makes them WANT to be.” The church, her families and the students focus on the Bible, service, leadership and/or curriculum in the ongoing activities.
Kerrville’s Riverside church Youth Minister Raoul Ferris is taking a team to Dallas. He commented on the convention activities: “The young people have gone the extra mile throughout the year in preparation for this event. Following a biblical theme, some will give speeches, some will lead singing, others will display art work, give puppet shows, and read scriptures. Still others have been working on memory work and various other service skills to encourage their spiritual growth. Be sure to pray for them and offer a word of encouragement for their efforts when you see them.”
Some groups are going to the Texas gathering, but a few also travel to the conventions in other states. Raynard Davis, a Dellcrest deacon, serves on the board of directors.
For more information, see the website at, send an email to or call 334-215-0251.

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