From seed to cup: Coffee For the Cause of Christ

Justin Hopkins’ work of roasting coffee beans backstops a mission in Uganda.

by Justin Hopkins
ITASCA — High in the mountains of Uganda near Kasese, just north of the Equator, lives Muhindo Enosi, one of a few local preachers who raises coffee to support his family and his ministry. In January of 2016 the World Bible Institute and the Manna Project came together with local brethren to open the Rwenzori School of Preaching at Kasese.
Since then, local brethren have gone out into the surrounding communities establishing congregations and sharing the Gospel. Rather than depending on American support, they work with their hands like the apostle Paul did to supply their own needs. Beyond that, they have been operating Christ’s Power orphanage and school, also in Kasese.
Due to factors beyond their control, these brethren struggle to receive a fair price for their coffee crop. Meanwhile, back in Texas, Justin Hopkins, minister for the church of Christ in Itasca, has begun roasting coffee over pecan and Texas oak for local grocers and shops. Through a partnership with the Manna Project, a portion of every bag sold goes back into the work of helping Gospel preachers in Uganda and other foreign fields.
At the end of this month Justin will be traveling to Uganda to teach a short course in the preaching school and share evangelistic tools with the brethren there. While he is there, he is going to be meeting with the brethren who grow coffee to discuss how they can make their crops more profitable and how they can establish a direct relationship to import their coffee to Texas at a fair price.
While many national brands of coffee openly support social agendas that run contrary to the principles of biblical Christianity, Epic Coffee provides the freshness and quality we have come to expect while directly supporting faithful men who are taking the Gospel of Christ to places we cannot go.
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Muhindo Enosi baptizes a new convert.

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