New friends hear gospel at Laurel Street

These students from the Brown Trail School of Preaching provided support. From left, they are Juan Carlos Jimenez, Leonardo Enriquez, Juan Luna, Americo William Garcia and Spanish Department Director, Willie Alvarenga.

Photos by Skylar Hinson.
SAN ANTONIO – The banner at the front of the auditorium reads: “Welcome. There are no strangers here, only friends who have not met.” Its translation reads, “Bienvenido a la iglesia. Aqui no hay extranos, solo amigos que no se han encontrado.” The words express the spirit of the gospel meeting held in Spanish at West Laurel Street here recently.

The Wednesday to Sunday effort came about as the church and the students of the Brown Trail School of Preaching in Bedford labored together. Giving the Lord the glory, Preacher Shawn Price credited Minister to the Spanish, Horacio Alvarado, his wife, Lluvia, and the many volunteers who knocked doors each morning, served meals, welcomed guests, provided technical support and served in myriad ways, all in the background.
The church is following up on requests for further study and other responses. Price announced that this Spanish-language gospel meeting might have been the first, but it would not be the last.

From left, Zach Trevino, Shawn Graham, Trevor Grace, Aric Oliver and Abel Mendoza served the Lord’s Supper on the last day of the meeting.

From left, Minister Shawn Price patted his brother vigorously as he declared, “The Lord did His work, and this gospel meeting happened on the back of our brother, Horacio Alvarado here, and his helpers.”

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