Pride and prayers mark grad send-offs

SOUTH TEXAS – “We are so proud of their academic accomplishments and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for these great Christians!” Spoken by Mark Hammitt, Weber Road minister in Corpus Christi, these words echo the sentiments of many church members as they celebrated the Senior Class of 2018 with receptions, banquets, recognition, gift Bibles and most of all, prayer.
The Pleasanton church honored three high school seniors this year. The 2018 grads include Aliyaa Kindrick (Jourdanton High), Emily Mann (Floresville High) and Sara Stewart (Pleasanton High).
At an evening Senior Banquet Reception on May 20, the Weber Road church in Corpus Christi feted five graduates. Said Hammitt, “Along with the tears and laughter, we reflected on the growth and accomplishments of Destinie Brooks (Carroll High), Tyler James Crowe (Carroll High), Iris Gonzales (Carroll High), Desirae Raven Lara (Moody High) and Heaven Denea Lee (Collegiate High).”
San Antonio area members honored their grads at several locations.
The West Laurel Street church congratulated, gave gifts to, and prayed for Taylor DeViller (Fox Tech High ), Jordynn Owens (Warren High), Vincent Price (Premier Academy) and Sienna Trevino (Southwest High).
The Southwest church of Christ lauded the graduation of Vincent Taylor from the International School of the Americas. His next stop is the United States Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs.
The San Pedro Senior Graduation Celebration took place after the evening assembly on May 20. Betty Moseley decorated the church’s Silver Threads board with highlights of the lives of the four honorees.
Robby Ford, a Southwest High senior, plans to attend Texas A&M-Commerce. UTSA is the next stop after Lee High School for Ross Sanchez.
Brenna Harris (Madison High School) and Mikaela Stintsman (Alamo Heights High School) are both headed for San Antonio College.
The Northside church held Senior Sunday between assemblies on May 13 for graduating students. Dakota Chancellor, Caleb Cowan, Adrian Glenn, Braiden Johnson, Caitie Mansker, Rachel Rodriguez, Nancy Smith, Journey Riggs, Spencer Ward and Lang White received prayers, recognition, and gifts.
These truths were offered to guide the grads at the MacArthur Park church of Christ: “Do not let wisdom and understanding out of your sight; preserve sound judgment and discretion” (Prov. 3:21). The church gave its blessings to Kierre Butler, Joel Garrison, Cole Green, Mathew Hensley, Sean Johnson, Courtney Massey, Garret Overbey, Charles Sami, Mark Sierra, Alyssa Weeks and Michael Yon, Jr.
In closing, Corpus Christi’s Hammitt noted the implications of the rite of passage: “This moment also marks a transition of growth in these young people. All parents have tried to prepare and raise their children for it, after all, and in some ways, this moment marks a beginning of a new test: ‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it’ (Prov. 22:6).
“Going off to college, starting work or moving out from home shows an increasing independence that is both exciting and scary as students continue to grow as young adults in the Lord’s service. Pray for and encourage each of these young Christians as they pursue their goals after graduation.”
And so the church prays.

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