Summer series: hear-and-live messages

SOUTH TEXAS — “Guest speakers teach us and challenge us not only to understand Jesus’ words, but to live them every day,” said Mark Hammitt of Corpus Christi’s Weber Road church. With these words, he characterized the annual Summer Preaching Series that many congregations plan for the midweek assembly.
The lessons got underway in Pleasanton recently. Traditionally, the elders have invited each speaker to bring his favorite sermon. Associate Minister Wes Wilson kicked off the series on June 6.
These are the speakers for the rest of June:
13 – Nathan Flynt
20 – Jace Allen (Ice cream sundaes afterward!)
27 – Wayne Palk
Don Walker launched the series at the request of the Midtown church in Victoria on June 3 and Daniel Garza of the Adams Street church in Beeville followed. Patrick Hammack of Odem will speak on June 20.
The speakers at Weber Road will focus on the “Difficult Sayings of Jesus.” On June 6, the series began with “Love Your Enemies” (Mt. 5:43-47) by Don Walker. These sessions will continue the lessons.
13 – Turn the Other Cheek (Mt. 5:38-42) by Justin Guess
20 – Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood (John 6:51-58) by Daniel Garza (VBS)
27 – There is a Real Hell (Mt. 13:41-43) by Ronnie Scherffius
4 – Only a Few Are Saved (Mt. 7:13-14) by Kevin Hunt
11 – Expect the World to Hate You (John 15:18-20) by Clayton Soleyn
18* – It’s Either God or Money (Mt. 6:19-24) by Patrick Hammack
July 25 – Don’t Worry (Mt. 6:25-33) by Don D’Herde
1 – You Must Deny Yourself (Luke 9:23-35) by Joseph McWhorter
8 – No Miracle Will Be Given (Mt. 12:38-42, Mark 8:11-12) by
Preston Hammitt
15* – Jesus Is the ONLY Way to Heaven (John 14:6) by Shan Jackson
22 – You Must Hate Family and Your Life (Luke 14:25-33) Matt Gibson
29 – If You Don’t Forgive, God Won’t Forgive You (Mt. 6:14-15) by Eddie Rodriguez
* A meal will be served first at 5:30 p.m. On other nights, refreshments will be available.

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