Big Serve shows Jesus on Sunday morning

NEW BRAUNFELS — The congregation here plans to be the church in this community during a Big Serve outreach and a later special invitation day this fall.
The members will meet for communion at 8:30 on one upcoming Sunday and then leave the building to take the body of Christ to the residents. According to Elder Victor Martinez: “At New Braunfels Church of Christ, we will forgo gathering corporately on September 9, and head out to serve non-profits and others around our city by being the hands and feet of Christ.
“The Big Serve is a great reminder that we are to be the church, not attend it. We have a vision that one day the city of New Braunfels will see us, the body of Christ, being the hands and feet of Jesus on a consistent basis.”
During National Back to Church Sunday, September 16 this year, the church here will ask local residents to give church a chance.
Said Martinez: “We are participating in National Back to Church Sunday! We want to capture this opportunity to share our loving, grace-filled church with people who don’t have a church home. It’s the perfect time to invite friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to join us on this special day!”
According to the movement website, the national initiative began ten years ago. It is going for this goal for this year: “To see over 10,000 churches participating and inviting their community to give church a try!”

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