Bring one to hear One: God’s story at revival

SAN ANTONIO — At the West Laurel Street congregation’s gospel meeting this year, hearers will go back to the beginning for a scriptural look at man’s fall from grace, his first encounter with Satan and God’s attempt to find and reconcile man to Himself. The Annual Fall Gospel Revival Meeting will take place at the building from Sept. 23-26, Sunday thru Wednesday.
West Laurel Street Evangelist Shawn Price states that “The church will employ the talents of local ministers to discuss the theme, ‘Questions from the Garden,’ Genesis 3:1-13. They will also introduce non-believers to the Gospel of Salvation and encourage present members to become more faithful to Christ in their daily encounters with Satan.” The church plans direct each one to bring one. The church banner reminds all, “Remember: there are no strangers at Laurel Street, only friends who have not yet met.”
Minister Emeritus Joseph Walsh, Jr. of Laurel Street will open the meeting during the Sunday assembly at 10:15 a.m. His lesson from Gen. 3:1-8, will address “Godly Answers for Godly Questions.” Evangelist Fred Starks of the Fort Sam Houston congregation will continue at the 5:30 p.m. assembly. He will teach on the question, “Where Art Thou?” from Genesis 3:9-10.
The weekday lessons begin at 7:30 p.m. Sam Moore, assistant minister at the Fort Sam Houston church, will speak on Monday evening. He will bring a lesson on the question, “Who Told You That Thou Wast Naked?” from Genesis 3:11.
The Tuesday evening speaker, Evangelist Charles Johanson of the San Pedro congregation, continues. He addresses the question, “Hast Thou Eaten of the Tree that I Said Not to Eat Of?” from Genesis 3:11
The series concludes with Evangelist Price’s Wednesday night lesson. He will discuss the question, “What Is This Thou Hast Done?” from Genesis 3:13.
The West Laurel Street congregation has parking at both the 1747 W. Laurel St. address and from the 950 Culebra entrance. For more information call the church office at 210-734-7495.

Sam Moore

Shawn Price

Fred Starks

Charles Johanson

Joseph Walsh

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