EBC studies: Holy Spirit, Book of Daniel

SAN ANTONIO — In this area, a Bible study that offers the next step up from Sunday school takes place every Thursday during the fall quarter at the Northern Oaks’ Enhanced Bible Class in the annex. Minister Mel Hutzler invites all to come each Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for the warm fellowship and the free potluck meal and to stay for the course sessions.
The 7 p.m. class this year focuses on the Holy Spirit. A lesson over the Book of Daniel follows at 8 p.m. Area ministers and church leaders take turns teaching during the term. For location and contact information, see the Northern Oaks church of Christ listing in this issue’s Church Directory.
On Sept. 6, Jim Word and Charlie Brown of Natalia kicked off the series with lessons on “Who Is the Holy Spirit?: An Introduction” and “Introduction to the Book of Daniel: Chapter 1,” respectively. Here are the dates, topics, and speakers for the remaining Thursday night sessions.
7 – 7:50 pm Class: The Holy Spirit
September 13 – Holy Spirit in Creation/ O.T. — Robert Garrett
20 – Holy Spirit in Conversion
– Joseph McWhorter
27 – Blaspheming the Holy Spirit
– Shannon Grizzell
October 4 – Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
– Mel Hutzler
11 – Cornelius and The Gift of the Holy Spirit –
Jim Word
18 – Holy Spirit in the Life of Christ
– Trent Kennedy
25 – Baptism of the Holy Spirit
– Austin Armaghost
November 1 – Holy Spirit and Speaking in Tongues
– Mingo Rascon
8 – Holy Spirit and Miraculous healing — Mel Hutzler
8 – 8:50 Class: The Book of Daniel
September 13 – Chapter 2
– Raoul Farris
20 – Chapter 3
– Wayne Robbins
27 – Chapter 4 — John Garza
October 4 – Chapter 5 — Joseph McWhorter
11 – Chapter 6 — Jason Parks
18 – Chapter 7
– Jordan Moore
25 – Chapter 8
– Wayne Jones
November 1 – Chapter 9-10 — Mel Hutzler
8 – Chapter 11-12 — Shawn Price

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