How about them apples?

by Paul McQuien
SAN ANTONIO –The July issue of the “Stone Oak Highlights,” a San Antonio neighborhood newspaper, contained an excellent human interest article by Katelyn Harvey on the Goodson Family, owners and operators of Apple Pest Control. They are of special interest to readers of Christian News of South Texas because they have been loyal supporters of the paper through their monthly ads spanning several years. The family members worship with the Northwest Church of Christ here.
Apple Pest Control was founded in 1984 by Stan Goodson and his wife Phyllis, who did the books and scheduling. Stan based their business model and reputation on two important qualities: honesty and dependability. Harvey pointed out that, while the business had some rough patches along the way, the company has grown through 34 years to have a client base that numbers in the thousands. For eleven years in a row, Apple has been awarded the “Super Service Award” by Angie’s List, honoring companies that maintain a consistently high rating and representing only 5 percent of the companies on the list.
In addition, according to Harvey, Stan has enjoyed every aspect of his family business, which also includes tree and lawn services. For over three decades Stan has given back to the community by supporting several worthwhile charity projects, including the Disability Resources Institute, which was initiated by local Christian families who wanted to provide long-term care for their children with autism and other developmental handicaps.
DRI has subsequently grown into a very successful operation located in Abilene. The agency aids scores of handicapped individuals, thanks to the support and participation of the Stan Goodson family and others.
Stan insists that he is still actively involved in the business, although he jokes that the younger employees “tell me I should be in the office more.” He especially enjoys the creative side of the work, thinking out of the box about the different services the company can offer to keep customers–and workers–happy.
Katelyn Harvey concluded her thoughtful article with a final quote by Stan that we can all take to heart: “We are blessed more than I ever thought we would be, but even through the hard times, God has a message there. And it might sound [like a] cliché, but it’s so easy for us just to do the right thing for people.”

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