2018 June

SwCC Scholarship recipient graduates with honors

Dr. Ervin Seamster, Jr., of SwCC presents Sharnell James with the Associate of Science degree. She will continue her education at Texas A&M in Texarkana.

by Maria Espinosa
TERRELL – Sharnell James, the San Antonio/Austin area 2016-2017 Southwestern Christian College scholarship recipient, graduated with honors at the 67th Commencement Ceremony on May 12. Generous donations given during the yearly “Evening of Spiritual Harmony” songfest at the Northside church of Christ in San Antonio helped fund the scholarship
Originally from Texarkana, Sharnell worshipped with the San Pedro Church of Christ in San Antonio. She plans to pursue a degree in psychology beginning this fall at the Texas A&M campus in Texarkana. (more…)

Mac Mental Wellness Ministry offers workshop

by Carol Hollins
SAN ANTONIO — At some point in their lives, one in five adults and one in ten children and young people will encounter some level of mental illness. On Saturday June 9, the MacArthur Park Church of Christ’s Mental Wellness Ministry will host a free workshop on the topic for those interested, those affected and those who love them.
From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., two guest speakers will teach about some disorders, mental wellness and strategies for dealing with the challenges. Your presence is encouraged and will be welcome. (more…)

Texas Bible Bowl: The story of God’s redemption plan

By Chyrece Campbell
CAMP BANDINA – On Saturday morning April 7 the test proctor said, “Time. Pencils down.” The room filled with the sound of pencils hitting the desk like popcorn at theTexas Bible Bowl 2018 competition here.
More than 110 participants passed up their last Scantron test paper and then the once quiet room filled with conversations and laughter, as well as sighs of relief. After almost two hours of answering 250 questions on 1 Samuel, some participants asked each other questions about the test while others grabbed their Bibles looking for answers. (more…)

Glenn and White awarded Lynn McDonald Scholarship

From left, Adrian Glenn and Lang White

SAN ANTONIO — During Teen Sunday, May 20, the Northside Church of Christ here awarded the Lynn McDonald Scholarship to Adrian Glenn and Lang White. The annual scholarship award commemorates the life of Lynn Cash McDonald, a Northside teen who was killed in a tragic auto accident in the 1980’s.
Adrian, the son of Elizabeth Baratta of Georgia, has also won a three-year Army ROTC scholarship and plans to attend U.T.-San Antonio next fall. He lives with his grandparents, Bob and Marilyn Glenn, who are active members of the Northside congregation. (more…)

New friends hear gospel at Laurel Street

These students from the Brown Trail School of Preaching provided support. From left, they are Juan Carlos Jimenez, Leonardo Enriquez, Juan Luna, Americo William Garcia and Spanish Department Director, Willie Alvarenga.

Photos by Skylar Hinson.
SAN ANTONIO – The banner at the front of the auditorium reads: “Welcome. There are no strangers here, only friends who have not met.” Its translation reads, “Bienvenido a la iglesia. Aqui no hay extranos, solo amigos que no se han encontrado.” The words express the spirit of the gospel meeting held in Spanish at West Laurel Street here recently.


Dowell named as Christian News columnist

Our new columnist’s family: From left, daughter, Dawn; Marsha; grandson, Carter; husband, Sid; granddaughter, Presley; son, Chris and daughter-in-law, Stephanie.

SAN ANTONIO – She is married to a Santa, and he has given the Christian News of South Texas permission to quote him: “Marsha Dowell is on my ‘Nice” list and has my unqualified endorsement to serve as a regular columnist for your fine paper!” (more…)

McGuire serves with Kings Crossing

CORPUS CHRISTI — On April 1, Delton McGuire became the first fulltime fundraiser for the prison ministry operating under the eldership of the Kings Crossing Church of Christ.
Said McGuire, “Prison ministry allows me to continue helping those that need help the most. I hope that congregations and individuals will want to know more about this vital ministry and how to be involved in person or help fund this effort.” (more…)

50+ Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Dowell

SAN ANTONIO — The sons and daughters-in-law of Cecil and Joyce Dowell hosted a 60th Wedding Anniversary gathering for the couple on Sunday, May 6. The 2-4 p.m. come-and-go reception at Avalon Memory Care here saw new and long-time friends and brethren from different congregations come in with cards and hugs.
The Army Air Force Veteran and his wife were married on May 8, 1958, and raised five sons: Frank, Sid, Tad, David and Craig. The two share a favorite song that they credit with strengthening the bond between them, “Angry Words.” The lyrics begin: “Angry words, oh, let them never from the tongue unbridled, slip.” Many people remember it best for the chorus, which starts, “Love one another / Thus sayeth the Savior, / Children, obey the Father’s blest command.”

Summer series: hear-and-live messages

SOUTH TEXAS — “Guest speakers teach us and challenge us not only to understand Jesus’ words, but to live them every day,” said Mark Hammitt of Corpus Christi’s Weber Road church. With these words, he characterized the annual Summer Preaching Series that many congregations plan for the midweek assembly.
The lessons got underway in Pleasanton recently. Traditionally, the elders have invited each speaker to bring his favorite sermon. Associate Minister Wes Wilson kicked off the series on June 6. (more…)

Summer Youth Series: Lost and Found and Powered Up

SOUTH TEXAS — The church in this region has exciting summer events planned for all. For the young people, youth leaders have planned some fun, fellowship, singing, food, and study together in the Summer Youth Series that begins each Thursday night at 7 p.m. except where noted.
A young online blogger writes, “The Summer Youth Series is not only about meeting new people, not only about getting to see and talk to everybody that I met at camp and not only about building friendships with Christians from different congregations. It is about learning about God. SYS gets better and better each year!”
Students in the Coastal Bend area are in for a faith recharge to get “Powered Up.” The first jolt came as the Christian News went to press. They learned about “The Power of God’s Word” at the Riverside church of Christ in Corpus Christi on June 7.
These are the remaining dates, lessons, and locations. (more…)

Pray for Kim’s donor liver and kidney?

SAN ANTONIO – The Southwest church of Christ here is asking for prayers for Kim Shields. Christian News readers may recall previous pleas and prayers that a kidney donor might be found.
Kim’s condition now calls for a liver, too. Once a donor is found, both organs would be transplanted together. Once found, they will be a gift of life.
pthe family in these ways. Email: rshields001@satx.rr.com; by telephone: 210-334-0018. Transplant hotline: 1-800-888-0402.

Pride and prayers mark grad send-offs

SOUTH TEXAS – “We are so proud of their academic accomplishments and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for these great Christians!” Spoken by Mark Hammitt, Weber Road minister in Corpus Christi, these words echo the sentiments of many church members as they celebrated the Senior Class of 2018 with receptions, banquets, recognition, gift Bibles and most of all, prayer.
The Pleasanton church honored three high school seniors this year. The 2018 grads include Aliyaa Kindrick (Jourdanton High), Emily Mann (Floresville High) and Sara Stewart (Pleasanton High). (more…)

Life with Father: I Was adopted

by Marsha Dowell

When I was 11 years old, my mom told me I was adopted by my father. All I could think of from that point on was, “I have a stepfather! He must not love me as much as my younger sister.”
When traveling in the car, sometimes I would think, “He could just drop me off on the side of the road and leave me, ‘cause I’m not his real daughter.” After all, I was not as pretty as his real daughter, who was a blonde-haired beauty. (more…)