2018 March

San Pedro takes Bible bowl first

SAN ANTONIO — “The Church of Christ Citywide Singles Ministry’s First Annual Adult Bible Bowl was a success!” said Coordinator Cheryl Anderson. Teams tested over I Cor. 1, 7, and 13 during the Jan. 27 event.
Said Anderson, “Single and married members came together. Congratulations to San Pedro Church of Christ for winning the trophy!
“Dellcrest and Laurel Street did an excellent job as well. We look forward to Bible Bowl next year, Lord willing, so get your team ready!
“We thank God for allowing us to come together and thanks to the leadership of San Pedro for hosting the event.”

Focal Point registration opens

SAN MARCOS – “We are excited about this year’s lineup and scheduled activities!” said Minister and Director of Focal Point, Wayne Jones. The registration page for the annual preacher’s workshop scheduled here at the University church of Christ for May 5-10 recently went live.
The purpose is stated thus: “Focal Point is a workshop aimed at encouraging and strengthening those who preach the gospel and others who have made the work of the church a priority in their lives. Classes are designed to be informative, inspirational and encouraging.
“Every effort has been made to ensure that Focal Point provides biblical insight combined with practical application. Our focus is on Jesus and our aim is to strengthen His church. (more…)

Help! VetNet and Bible give-aways picking up

by Buck Griffith
CORPUS CHRISTI – We rejoice to see increasing responses to our outreach to veterans and the prison Bible distribution. We appreciate your help in getting the word out about New Life Behavior Ministries’ resources to everyone in your circle of influence and your joining us in serving others.
The VetNet program is taking many requests from across the nation for the NLBM curriculum. Military veterans outside of prison and those who serve them ask for our lessons. Most veterans are not incarcerated, but many of those who are inside are requesting materials, too. Many from all branches of our military and their families are suffering. (more…)

GUEST EDITORIAL: Why Did Jesus Teach in Opposites?

by Marsha Dowell

Why did Jesus frequently present opposing ideas like these: “You have heard that it was said, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, but I say to you…if someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other” (Matt. 5:38-39), and, “You have heard that it was said, love your neighbor and hate your enemy, but I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matt. 5:43-44)?
Jesus does this quite often. Was He a rebel, trying to change what people usually accept as normal? Trying to stir things up?
His apostles were brought up short by this one: “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all” (Mark 9: 35). It is understandable to respond, “This makes no sense!” (more…)

McQuien’s Musings: Luke on Lucre

Among the four Gospels, Luke is the favorite of many. Perhaps one reason is that Luke, having been an educated Gentile physician, is easier for modern readers to identify with than the other three Gospel authors, especially Matthew, who reflected a more traditional Jewish perspective. One of Luke’s themes having special relevance in the 21st century is his emphasis on money and wealth.
Luke sometimes used money and wealth in a positive—or at least neutral—sense. One positive example is the “Good” Samaritan giving money to the innkeeper to take care of the bruised and beaten Jew. Another parable, concerning the lost silver coin that a woman finds, provides a positive application to the kingdom. Even Jesus’ shrewd reply to the spies sent from the chief priests and teachers of the law to question him about paying taxes to Caesar portrays money neutrally: “Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” (20:25 NIV). (more…)

Resources, scenarios and food grow leaders

SAN ANTONIO – Saying, “There’s no one answer,” a youth attending a recent leadership workshop revealed one of the biggest reasons to study with others who minister to the church.
About 35 men from eight or so congregations gathered at Bandina Christian Youth Camp to pray, study and fellowship together for the good of the church. Organized by Minister Mark Hammitt and the elders of the Weber Road church in Corpus Christi, the annual Men’s Leadership Workshop was on Jan. 26-27.
According to Hammitt, the objectives are to encourage all who attend to continue serving God and the church, to strengthen men currently serving as elders and in other leadership positions such as deacons and evangelists, and to prepare and equip others to serve in those roles in the future.
Mark Hanstein, academic dean of the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies in Knoxvillee, Tenn., served as the resource speaker. He has preached for churches in California, Colorado and Texas for 42 years. He has taught at the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver and was one of the deans. While living there, he served as an elder for the Bear Valley congregation. (more…)

Dellcrest teens to Youth Xtravaganza

SAN ANTONIO — Duane Dunlap, a youth leader for the Dellcrest church of Christ here, will be taking the young people to a Youth Xtravaganza Weekend in Dallas. The Central Pointe Church of Christ sponsors the “Armed & Dangerous” gathering from March 9-11 this year.
Minister Dwayne Case of the Northeast church of Christ in Oklahoma City will be the guest speaker. He holds Master of Arts degrees from Oklahoma Christian University in family life ministry and business administration/leadership management.

EBS: The Word in letters of John and Jude

SAN ANTONIO –The letters of John and Jude take the spotlight in the Northern Oaks church of Christ’s Enhanced Bible Study from March 1 – May 3. Each Thursday night, the session goes from a free 6:30 p.m. meal and dessert to a 7 p.m. Bible lesson and an 8 p.m. topical study.
Said Minister Mel Hutzler, “We are looking forward to great times of biblical learning and warm fellowship. This term, we’ll be discussing the three letters of John, the book of Jude and the biblical view of sin. Come study with us, get deeper into the Word and get to know more leaders and members from around the area!”
The church meets at 17435 Redland Road in San Antonio’s 78247 Zip code. The web site is at northernoakschurch.org/ and the office number is 210-496-1346.
The series began this quarter with the introduction by Jim Word of the Natalia congregation. Here are the remaining dates, sessions and teachers. (more…)

Bible bowl: In honor of His great work for us

These test takers were in the room where it happened at TBB last year.

by Correspondents Daesha Cuttrell and Cathy Spain
LEAGUE CITY — In a few weeks, groups from all over Texas and Oklahoma will gather at Camp Bandina in the Texas hill country for some friendly competition, grounding in the Word and Christian encouragement. Students from third grade to adults (some over the age of 70!) have been diligently studying 1 Samuel for Texas Bible Bowl on the weekend of April 6-8. (more…)