2018 May

Gospel meeting in Spanish set for W. Laurel Street

SAN ANTONIO — The West Laurel Street church of Christ is holding a gospel meeting in Spanish on May 24-27. Spanish speakers and their friends are invited to come and learn about Christ’s saving grace.
Horacio Alvarado currently leads the outreach and assemblies for the Iglesia de Cristo. The church meets at 1747 W. Laurel Street in the 78201 Zip code here. For more information, call the church office at 210-734-7495. Shawn Price is the pulpit minister.

Dellcrest singles host afternoon conference

SAN ANTONIO — A “Singles Ministry Conference: Love and Healthy Relationships” will be held at the Dellcrest Church of Christ Auditorium from 2 – 5 pm. on Saturday, May 6.
Guest Speakers will be Karen Camp of Dellcrest and Vincent McKinney of the 5th Ward Church of Christ in Houston. Refreshments will be provided. For more information, call the church office at 210-337-2044.

Men training for leadership in Edinburg

EDINBURG – The bilingual Iglesia de Cristo here that meets at 4002 Richardson Street is in the process of developing leaders. This spring, traveling evangelist, Edilfonso (Eddie) Rodriguez, taught a series of men’s classes that will lead to studies on serving as deacons and elders in the summer.
Said Rodriguez, “Our hope is that English- and Spanish-speaking brethren from the Valley will join us for these classes.” He preached for the Norton Street congregation in Corpus Christi in its time. During those 27 years and now, Rodriguez has focused on training those interested in serving local churches.
The spring Bible classes covered the home and stirring up one’s gift. On Saturday, June 9, the lesson from 9-10 a.m. will be “Bringing up Our Children in the Nurture and Admonishment of the Lord – Criando a Nuestros Hijos en Disciplina y Amonestación del Señor.”
For more information, contact Rodriguez at 361-877-7939.

Did you attend East Side in Austin?

AUSTIN — The Church of Christ at East Side is seeking assistance in getting the word to their past members. The church will hold a Family Reunion and Gospel Revival on Oct. 20-24 and would like to send past members a personal invitation.
In many congregations, members move away over the years and worship at new church homes in Texas and around the nation. East Side is hoping to see many of theirs come back again to the homecoming.
Please help East Side tell them about the reunion so they may come and participate if their schedules allow. Ask those you know to contact Erma Evans, family@eastsidecoc.com or call 512-966-4364. Thanks!

Evangelist Tucker: “Finishing Strong” at Dellcrest homecoming

SAN ANTONIO – The Dellcrest church of Christ Homecoming and Gospel Meeting will begin on Saturday, June 16, with an a cappella concert at 5 p.m. here. The evangelism meetings with the theme, “Finishing Strong,” will run through Wednesday.
Guest Evangelist, Randall Tucker, of the South Union Church of Christ in Houston will be the guest speaker. The church commends him: “The Lord has blessed him with the gift of ministering to all people from diverse backgrounds by illuminating the word so that it applies directly to today’s world.” (more…)

Is One Day Enough for Mothers?

By Randall Jennings
Certainly not. That mothers are vitally important to our everyday lives is almost a proverb! That is true whether they are still actually in our lives or, as in my case, not.
If you have ever wondered how important God thinks mothers are in our lives, consider this: as Jesus was rapidly approaching the end of His great sacrifice on the cross, with the weight of the world upon Him, He looked down from the cross and spoke to the issue closest to His heart at that moment – the welfare of His mother after He was gone (John 19:27). As the deity in Jesus suffered for all mankind, the man in Jesus was concerned for His mother. Nothing else could have made Him more human. (more…)

McQuien’s Musings: The Dilemma of Suffering

by Paul McQuien

The topic of human suffering is too complex to be addressed adequately in a brief editorial or perhaps, for that matter, in a lengthy book. Yet the reality of suffering is central to human experience, including faithful Christians. It has even led some believers to deny their faith and some non-believers to reject the idea that a beneficent, loving God even exists. (more…)

High school graduation plans in progress

SOUTH TEXAS – A Mexican food potluck, embarrassing baby photos and videos, lots of love and many prayers will greet graduating seniors at church soon. Two congregations have announced their plans as we go to press.
At Weber Road in Corpus Christi, Minister Mark Hammitt recently announced the Senior Banquet reception for May 20. The church is congratulating Tyler Crowe, Heaven Lee and Desirae Lara.
On the same day and up the road in San Antonio, the San Pedro congregation will observe Senior Sunday. After evening services, the church will celebrate with Robby Ford, Brenna Harris, Ross Sanchez and Mikaela Stintsman. The church members will hold on to each other and join hands as they pray these students through this rite of passage. The Christian News will report on many others next month.

From seed to cup: Coffee For the Cause of Christ

Justin Hopkins’ work of roasting coffee beans backstops a mission in Uganda.

by Justin Hopkins
ITASCA — High in the mountains of Uganda near Kasese, just north of the Equator, lives Muhindo Enosi, one of a few local preachers who raises coffee to support his family and his ministry. In January of 2016 the World Bible Institute and the Manna Project came together with local brethren to open the Rwenzori School of Preaching at Kasese.
Since then, local brethren have gone out into the surrounding communities establishing congregations and sharing the Gospel. Rather than depending on American support, they work with their hands like the apostle Paul did to supply their own needs. Beyond that, they have been operating Christ’s Power orphanage and school, also in Kasese. (more…)

Texas Restorative Justice Award goes to NLBM

AUSTIN – Board Chairman Dale Wainwright and Texas Department of Criminal Justice Executive Director Bryan Collier presented a plaque recognizing the work of NewLife Behavior Ministries recently. NLBM President Buck Griffith of the King’s Crossing church of Christ in Corpus Christi accepted the TDJC Restorative Justice Award here during the Governor’s 2018 Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award program on April 20.

From left to right: TBCJ Chairman Dale Wainwright, Buck Griffith of NewLife Behavior Ministries, Supreme Court Justice Jimmy Blacklock, and TDCJ Executive Director Bryan Collier.

According to the TDJC website, Director Collier said, “Each of these award recipients has given countless hours of volunteer service within the TDCJ and we are extremely grateful for their efforts. They help to make a profound impact on the lives of thousands of offenders and, in doing so, make Texas safer. They are truly everyday heroes.” (more…)

“The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve” by Stephen Greenblatt – A Book Review, by Paul McQuien

Recently I read a book by Stephen Greenblatt titled “The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve” (W.W. Norton, 2017). No, the book didn’t focus on the biblical account of their creation and fall but rather on their theological, cultural, and scientific treatment from antiquity to the present. Greenblatt himself is a prolific author and Harvard scholar, who won the Pulitzer Prize for non-fiction in 2012, not to mention numerous additional awards and literary accomplishments, especially in Shakespeare studies.
Being a liberal Jewish scholar, Greenblatt doesn’t accept the account of Adam and Eve as a literal event, but he does express great respect for its significance as an influence on Western thought and creativity. For example, he observes that “Something happened at the beginning of time . . . that led to the way we are . . . and if we want to understand the way we are, it is important to remember and retell this story.” (more…)

Our Departed: Marvin H. Phillips, 1931-2018

Widely-known Minister Marvin Phillips died after an extended illness at his home in Broken Arrow, Okla., on April 18.
Born in San Antonio, Phillips’ life journey took him to Korea for one of the four years he served with the U.S. Air Force. He married Dorothy Beck in 1953 and they raised three children. Throughout a 57-year career, he served as preacher and missionary for churches in Stockdale and Port Lavaca in Texas; Siloam Springs, Ark.; Tulsa, Okla. and Perth, Australia.

Marvin Phillips

Phillips co-directed the Tulsa International Soul Winning Workshop for many years. The author of six books, he also wrote for “One Body” magazine. In addition, he hosted a cable TV program and spoke at national events with motivational speakers such as Paul Harvey, Norman Vincent Peale, Art Linkletter and Zig Ziglar.
The minister continued preaching and mission work after retiring from the Garnett Road church of Christ in Tulsa in 1996. Mission outreach took him to Australia and South Africa. The Bibles for Africa effort resulted in the distribution of one million Bibles there. (more…)

A Wayfarer Pauses: What Tone Of Voice Does God Use With You?

by Marsha Dowell

When our son was little and did something wrong, all I had to do was look at him and he would stop. His father would look at him, and he was in full contrition.
When our daughter would misbehave, a look alone was nothing. Words would have to be exchanged, but that might not do it. The big guns would have to be pulled out. When she turned off her cell phone so we could not reach her while she was out with friends? Big Guns required. She became cell phone-less, electronic-less, car-less, makeup-less, and bedroom door-less.
Several years later, she wrote about that particular “talking to”, and how it was the turning point in her life. That’s all it took to get her back on the right path. (more…)