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Team given love, prayers and potluck

The Hill Family

The Gibbins Family

The Dye Family

KERRVILLE – With this truth in mind, “A man’s heart plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps” (Prov. 16:9), the church here prayed and spent time with three missionary families on Sunday, Dec. 10. The 14 people on the Sao Luis Mission Team visited this sponsoring congregation in preparation for their upcoming mission move to Brazil. (more…)


David S. Vanz’s Book, “Rediscovering the Holy Spirit”


Anyone who attempts to write a book on the Holy Spirit is undertaking quite a challenge, considering the complexity of the topic as revealed throughout the Bible and, more specifically, in the New Testament. David S. Vanz’s book, “Rediscovering the Holy Spirit,” (Archway Publishing, 2017) has done just that, although he has focused principally of the work of the Holy Spirit in the Book of Acts. The subtitle of his book makes this emphasis clear: “Proponents, Opponents, Components in His Conquest to Expand the Kingdom.” (more…)

Breathing the same air as Jesus

story and photos by Madison Campbell

This tax collector wrote the names of those born of the house of David on the rolls and they paid up just as Joseph and Mary did after Jesus was born.

BURNET – The gate to the city opened to the aroma of fresh bread filling the air. There were no sidewalks, just dirt and rocks as everyone moved about the small town. The brown and grey walls came to life with torches on every corner and above the doors. People were yelling trying to sell their merchandise to raise enough money to pay their taxes. (more…)

Sutherland Springs lesson: God is in control

Stephen Willeford poses for a photo with his wife, Pam.

by Brenda Slatton
SAN ANTONIO – When tragedy strikes a community as it did in Sutherland Springs, a town outside San Antonio, in early November, people ask, “Where was God?” And the answer is, “God was in control.”
Stephen Willeford, long-time member of the Church of Christ, lives a half block away from the First Baptist Church where evil took the lives of 26 people on a late Sunday morning. The gunman stormed the church during Sunday morning service, emptying fifteen 30 round magazines; that’s over 450 rounds of ammunition. (more…)

Ford named Scholar Athlete

SAN ANTONIO — A local baseball player and member of the San Pedro church of Christ was identified as one of KSAT 12’s Scholar Athletes of the week. On the Nov. 12 Instant Replay segment of the 10 p.m. news, viewers in the area saw Robert Ford on camera along with KSAT Sports Director Greg Simmons.

The Southwest High School varsity ball player introduced himself to begin the segment. Before handing Robby the award, Simmons listed many of his accomplishments, including serving as Vice-president of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a top GPA and a high ranking in his class. (more…)

New class: Sharing Jesus in a post-Christian culture

KERRVILLE – Beginning on Wednesday, Dec. 6, the church here will focus on how to hear a non-believer’s story and then share its own. Minister Jimmy Sportsman will facilitate the study for the church using material from Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God.”

Said Sportsman to the members, “This is a short book and a short series that will go a long way to preparing you to share Jesus in a post-Christian culture.”

In the lessons, Keller interviews non-Christians who explain what prevents them from becoming believers. He then responds accordingly.