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Rescue in Thailand: That Others May Live

Editor’s note: The contributor is a member of a Church of Christ in San Antonio. We have used a pseudonym for her name and her son’s name to maintain security requirements.
Based on an account by Diane Roffee
SAN ANTONIO — We all pray for our children’s safety, but for me it became very personal once again recently.
As the world watched and prayed for the Wild Boars soccer players who, with a coach, had become trapped in an extensive cave system in Northern Thailand, the rescue took an unexpected turn for me. My son, Todd, was one of the hundreds of emergency workers who rushed against time to find, stabilize, and bring out the twelve boys and their assistant coach. The cave exit had become blocked on June 23 after seasonal rains that came early raised the water level. (more…)


Bring one to hear One: God’s story at revival

SAN ANTONIO — At the West Laurel Street congregation’s gospel meeting this year, hearers will go back to the beginning for a scriptural look at man’s fall from grace, his first encounter with Satan and God’s attempt to find and reconcile man to Himself. The Annual Fall Gospel Revival Meeting will take place at the building from Sept. 23-26, Sunday thru Wednesday. (more…)

Big Serve shows Jesus on Sunday morning

NEW BRAUNFELS — The congregation here plans to be the church in this community during a Big Serve outreach and a later special invitation day this fall.
The members will meet for communion at 8:30 on one upcoming Sunday and then leave the building to take the body of Christ to the residents. According to Elder Victor Martinez: “At New Braunfels Church of Christ, we will forgo gathering corporately on September 9, and head out to serve non-profits and others around our city by being the hands and feet of Christ. (more…)

EBC studies: Holy Spirit, Book of Daniel

SAN ANTONIO — In this area, a Bible study that offers the next step up from Sunday school takes place every Thursday during the fall quarter at the Northern Oaks’ Enhanced Bible Class in the annex. Minister Mel Hutzler invites all to come each Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for the warm fellowship and the free potluck meal and to stay for the course sessions.
The 7 p.m. class this year focuses on the Holy Spirit. A lesson over the Book of Daniel follows at 8 p.m. Area ministers and church leaders take turns teaching during the term. For location and contact information, see the Northern Oaks church of Christ listing in this issue’s Church Directory. (more…)

Local Preacher to Global Teacher

NEW ORLEANS —Local preacher, Dr. David Srygley, has taken his love for the Bible global. Srygley, who until recently served as the pulpit minister at the Arlington Heights Church of Christ in Corpus Christi, has been appointed as Chief Academic Officer for NationsUniversity. NationsUniversity is a non-profit, Christian university accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), a commission approved by the U.S. Department of Education.
“I am excited to work with Dr. Mac Lynn to build upon NationsUniversity’s 20 years of success,” states Srygley. “Getting high quality, post-secondary biblical studies to students who are faced with barriers of all kinds will continue to be challenging work, but I look forward to all that it brings.” As CAO, Srygley will also continue to improve the academic offerings of the institution and explore new avenues of service to students around the world. (more…)

San Pedro hosts 1st Sunday singing

SOUTH TEXAS — Area brethren and their friends are invited once again to address “one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord” with their hearts (Eph. 5:19, ESV) at the First Sunday Singing on Sept. 2. The San Pedro church of Christ in San Antonio will host the event. The sing-along usually begins at 3 p.m. and is followed by a time of fellowship afterwards. For information, call the church office at 210-822-3305.