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Student center seminar led by Ihfe

Richard Ihfe

SAN ANTONIO — In the face of cultural change, how does the church remain true to the teachings in the Holy Scriptures, follow the law of the land, and maintain her credibility in the world? In the face of rising social challenges, a seminar on same sex issues may provide some guidance for developing a position that honors the Lord. (more…)


Greet 2018 with Shenandoah!

SAN ANTONIO – “Come usher in 2018 with us! Join in for a meal, game night and a devotional,” says Minister Gabriel Rodriguez of the Shenandoah church of Christ. On Sunday, Dec. 31, the members will continue their tradition of welcoming the new year together from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Bring a covered dish for the potluck, a favorite board game for the fellowship and prayers of praise and request for the worship. For more information call the church at 210-696-5532. The building is located at 11026 Wurzbach Road in the 78230 Zip code.

“Who Cares?” event set for teens

DRIPPING SPRINGS — “Who Cares????”

Raoul Ferris says, “God Does!” Ferris will lead a devotional for area teens to “Rise Up!”, and place the focus on “Spiritual Apathy and Its Cure” at the Dripping Springs church of Christ on Saturday, Nov. 18, from 4-6:30 p.m.

An honorably discharged Marine, Ferris works as an educator and coach and serves the Riverside church of Christ in Kerrville as youth minister.

At the gathering, the Dripping Springs members will also provide dinner. To let them know you’re coming, email the church office at dscofcoffice@gmail.com or call 512-858-4500 asap.

See where Lord walked with Moore

DRIPPING SPRINGS — The literal paths on which the Lord Jesus walked hold a fascination that many seek to satisfy by taking Holy Land tours. Others learn about not only the literal, but the spiritual flagstones, capstones, slingshot-stones and cornerstones in studies such as “Walking Where Jesus Walked: Faith Lessons from the Land of the Bible” by Carla Moore. The experienced Holy Land traveler will hold a class for women at 3 p.m. in Rm. 101 of the church building here on Sunday, Nov. 19.

Says Moore, “2000 years ago in Jerusalem, Jesus said that even if His disciples were silent, ‘The very stones would cry out’ with evidence of His glory. The stones still cry out today with Jesus’ message of hope, peace, forgiveness and love.”

For more information, email the church office at dscofcoffice@gmail.com or call 512-858-4500 asap.

Marriage retreat: Lasting love benefits church

SAN ANTONIO — Area couples are invited to the “Making Love Last Forever” marriage retreat and seminar at the Embassy Suites Hotel on the Riverwalk here on Nov. 10-12. The Highland Heights Church of Christ in Houston is hosting the “weekend of romance, relaxation and spiritual renewal” for the 29th time.

Said Minister Tommy Brooks, “If our marriages are strong, we will have a stronger church family, so I encourage you to consider attending. Let’s go relax, fellowship and enjoy quality time with our spouses.”

The $600 registration fee is due Nov. 5. It includes the hotel accommodations for two nights, the breakfast buffet, the welcome reception, a formal three-course banquet, all other meals and the enrichment seminars. For more information, call the church office at 713-694-7976.

Schertz lectureship reboots with Psalms

SCHERTZ –After taking a year off from its yearly intense study, the church here will enter the Book of Psalms during the 14th Annual Schertz Lectures at the building on Nov. 12-15. Providing fundamental, sound Bible teaching to help all grow in Christ, the lectureship is back.

Minister Stan Crowley will introduce the book during Sunday morning’s 9:30 session. The “Studies in the Psalms, Volume 1” lectureship will cover Psalms 1 to 72.

The sessions taught on the first day will go through chapter 18 and be led by Keith Mosher, Dan Flournoy, Tim Burroughs, Ken Ratcliff, Rick Brumback and Billy Bland.

The weekday lessons begin with the 9 a.m. class and end after the 8 p.m. session each night. Ladies classes are held each day at 4 p.m. in the fellowship building beginning on Monday. Carlie Bond will kick it off for the ladies with a lesson over the “New Song” of Rev. 5:9, 14:3, and 21:5.

LuAnn Rogers will take up “Mary’s Song” from Luke 1:46-55 On Tuesday. Jennifer O’Banon will follow on Wednesday with “Hannah’s Prayer” from I Sam. 2:1-9.

Monday’s lessons with Robert Sholl, Michael Light, Josh Romo, Mel Hutzler, Jim Word, Clay Bond, Shawn Price and Jason Rollo will cover Psalms 19-30, chapters 69-70, and 33-36.

Tuesday begins with Psalms 31-32, and then goes on to chapters 38-41, 56-58 and 45-55. Tim O’Banon, Joey Davis, Tim Hayes, Johnie Scaggs, Tim Wacaster, Dave Rogers, Sam Willcut and Ronnie Hayes will bring the word.

Trent Kennedy will kick off Wednesday’s classes with a study of Psalms 42-44. Randy Robinson, Daniel Lange, Josh Ortiz, Phillip Patton, Devin Dean and Don Walker will follow. They will teach on chapters 37, and 59 – 68 and 71-72. The lectureship will close with BJ Clarke’s summary of Psalms, Part 1.

The “Annual Lectures” link at schertzcofc.org carries the hourly schedule. For more information, email the church at Schertz@swbell.net or call the office at 210-658-0269.

Get ready for January’s adult Bible Bowl

SAN ANTONIO — Now there’s a Bible Bowl for adults. The San Antonio church of Christ City-Wide Singles Ministry invites area congregations to urge all of their adults, not just singles, to form teams and compete in the 1st Annual Bible Bowl. It will take place on Jan. 27, 2018, from 6-9 p.m. at the San Pedro church of Christ here and will cover I Cor. 1, 7, and 13.

Associate Minister Bryon Curry is coordinating the event. For more information, contact him at bryon.curry72@yahoo.com or call 210-822-3305.

NLBM gifts to double on Nov. 14 by Buck Griffith

CORPUS CHRISTI — Fight hunger, support children, improve health, reduce homelessness – right here in the Coastal Bend. You don’t have to live here to donate. You just have to love others as Christ does during the “Coastal Bend Day of Giving.”

During that 24-hour give-fest, people go online to coastalbenddayofgiving.org and donate to the nonprofits who are the first to assist the neediest of our neighbors. This community give-together begins at midnight on Nov. 14 with a minimum gift of only $10.

Friends and donors who give to Family Upreach (dba, NewLife Behavior Ministries) on this day will see the gifts matched by the Coastal Bend Community Foundation up to $17,000. The first $17,000 will be matched but everything contributed will be given to the nonprofit.

NLBM reaches out to those who need help with behavioral improvement. We have developed a Bible-based curriculum that our teachers use for classes in state prisons, county jails, with offenders’ families, with ex-offenders, with those overcoming addictions, and with those who need help meeting life’s challenges. Texas, 43 other states and many foreign countries have approved and use the lessons. In addition, NLBM sponsors community 12-step support groups using the “Christians Against Substance Abuse” course.

This is the third year that NLBM has been listed among the 45 nonprofits benefitting from the event. Last year, we received almost $50,000. Help us go over that this year.

After contributing to NewLife Behavior Ministries, go ahead and donate to some of the other outstanding programs in our community. Visit coastalbenddayofgiving.org to learn more about all the nonprofits. At nlbm.org, learn about how the agency reconciles individuals to God, families and society.


Come join the fellowship at the 4h Annual Hymns In The Hill Country

Area-wide Outdoor Singing

November 4,  2 p.m.

Activities Include:

Singing 2 p.m.

Congregational Meal Provided 5 p.m.

Pie social—Bring your favorite pie!


Camp Ben McCulloch

18301 FM 1826

Driftwood, TX 78619