Hutchins earns awards, scholarship

Hannah Hutchins, an “Academic Pride and Spirit Award” winner

SCHULENBURG – As the senior girl who best demonstrated “Outstanding achievement, character, leadership and Shorthorn pride” throughout her four years at Schulenburg High, Hannah Hutchins received the Academic Pride and Spirit Award in May. The award’s name captures the drive that marks her time here.
That energy earned her salutatorian honors with a 102.250 GPA, according to a news report in the “Schulenburg Sticker.” She also won a $1,000 FFA Scholarship sponsored by Chevy Trucks and the Brasher Motor Co. (more…)


Harris takes LTU awards, MLB minors mound

Nate Harris

by Dick Porter
SAN ANTONIO — Nate Harris, a member of San Antonio’s San Pedro Ave. Church of Christ, recently was presented two top awards for male athletes by Louisiana Tech University.
One of the school’s top baseball pitchers, he was cited as Male Athlete of the Year for the school, and in addition was awarded a plaque as Male Top Performer of the Year for his baseball complete-game shutout of Rice University.
Unfortunately, he was unable to be on hand to receive those awards, since he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies of Major League Baseball and had reported to his first minor league assignment. One of the top pitchers for the Rockies’ Class A team, Nate is currently located in Ashville, NC. (more…)

Potter serves with Concan

CONCAN – The Concan church of Christ is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Potter as the new preacher. Chris began serving with the church on Sunday, June 10.

Chris and Renee Potter

Said church Treasurer, James Taylor, “Chris has a deep-seated love for preaching the Word of God. We are excited to have him as our new preacher and minister. Chris plans on sharing his knowledge and love for the church of Jesus Christ. He feels called to help others come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.” (more…)

Life With Father: My Two Favorite Basic Food Groups

by Marsha Dowell

My two favorite basic food groups: Salt. And Bread. The salt I have an explanation for: being raised in Hickory, Virginia, I had Grandma Riddick, who served me plenty of thin-sliced country ham. My husband Sid calls it salt-lick ham. I also enjoyed green beans and collard greens cooked in ham hocks and sliced cucumbers soaked in vinegar and salt. (more…)

McQuien’s Musings: Strong Medicine in Small Doses

by Paul McQuien

When N.T. Wright, the highly respected conservative British theologian and historian, wrote his monumental two-volume work, “Paul and the Faithfulness of God” (2013), he began surprisingly with an introductory chapter on the Apostle’s shortest epistle, “Philemon”, which often gets neglected or even ignored. Wright did this because he considered this little one-chapter letter to be important to ideas and themes he would develop in subsequent sections of his own book.
More recently, Wright has published a biography of Paul simply titled “Paul: A Biography” (2017), which is directed more at the general reader than at the specialist. And it too devotes special attention to “Philemon.” What is it about this seemingly less significant little epistle that has earned the attention of Wright–and should of us?
One thing to keep in mind is that slavery was a way of life in Rome during the life-time of Paul and had been for centuries. This was true not only of Roman society but of the entire ancient Mediterranean-based civilization. The enslavement of defeated and other vulnerable groups dates all the way back to the Mosaic era and the period of the Patriarchs. Slavery is mentioned numerous times in the Hebrew Old Testament, as well as in the Christian New Testament.
Unlike the enslavement of black Africans in the American colonies and states, which led up to the Civil War in the 1860’s, Roman slavery was not specifically race-based. Defeated survivors of Roman conquests were enslaved by their Roman masters, regardless of their racial or ethnic identity.
Fortunately, Roman slaves often earned their freedom by age 30, and many went on to fill important roles in society; some even owned property. For example, Governor Felix, who wanted a bribe from Paul (Acts 24:26), had formerly been a slave, and the modern word “pedagogy” comes from the Greek word for the household slave in charge of mentoring his master’s son(s).
From a 21st-century perspective Paul’s attitude toward slavery may seem complicit. After all, he commanded the slaves addressed in Ephesians 6:5 to “obey your earthly masters with respect and fear” (NIV), and he made similar demands of slaves in Colossians 3: 22-25. On the other hand, in 1 Corinthians 7:21 he encouraged slaves to gain their freedom if they could. Also, he was taking a risk by protecting a runaway slave who may have defrauded his master (Philem. 18-19) and who was potentially subject to death by crucifixion.
Remarkably, or providentially, Onesimus (which means “useful”) had made his way from Colossae to Paul, a prisoner most likely in Rome, or possibly Ephesus, and had made himself useful to the Apostle after being converted to Christ. At this point Onesimus was willing to return to Philemon, at the recommendation of Paul, and be reconciled, which N.T. Wright considers the major teaching point of the entire episode. Wright sees the imprisoned Paul as a Christ-like figure, standing between Philemon and Onesimus to reconcile them to each other, as well as reconciling Philemon to Paul, who had harbored Onesimus.
To affirm that reconciliation is one of the key doctrines of the New Testament, another conservative English theologian, John Stott, included it as one of the four major achievements of the cross of Christ, along with propitiation (sacrifice), justification, and redemption. Paul himself, writing in 2 Corinthians 5:19, asserted that God “was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins [including those of the converted slave Onesimus] against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation” (NIV).
That’s why Paul could tell the Galatian Christians, “All of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourself with Christ. There is neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ” (3:27-28). This emphasis in the Epistle to Philemon on the importance of reconciliation in Jesus Christ shows that strong medicine can come in small doses.

Change comes to FEAST homeschoolers

by Chyrece Campbell
SAN ANTONIO – After 19 years, the Family Educators Alliance of South Texas (FEAST) is moving to a smaller location. FEAST is a non-profit, regional organization that serves homeschooling families in the South Texas area, many from local churches of Christ. As with any move, some details are not yet fully worked out.
“God knits together everything good and bad, our ups and downs for his glory,” said Margaret Hatcher, from MacArthur Park Church of Christ. (more…)

Big Heart but No Name

Jim Titsworth, at right, surveys the outreach near Garcia Park near Haven for Hope downtown.

by Renabeth Evans
SAN ANTONIO — The Northside Church of Christ here has a food distribution program called “Mobile Loaves and Fishes.” Operating from an attractive food truck, volunteers are starting their second year of providing food to the homeless community downtown.
Dana Grubb and Judy Bittick devoted themselves to making Loaves and Fishes a vital and well organized service project in Northside’s benevolence program. During the year before the kickoff last May, they invested many hours on research, study, paperwork, decisions and toil. (more…)

Cho performs for NASA’s 60th anniversary

John Cho and composer Michael Giacchino at NASA’s 60th birthday party.

by Paul McQuien
SAN ANTONIO — On June 1, Hollywood actor John Cho was featured in the National Symphony Orchestra’s concert titled “Space, the Next Frontier.” The event took place at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. and celebrated NASA’s 60th birthday. John is the older son of Jay and June Cho, who are members of the Northside Church of Christ here.

SwCC Scholarship recipient graduates with honors

Dr. Ervin Seamster, Jr., of SwCC presents Sharnell James with the Associate of Science degree. She will continue her education at Texas A&M in Texarkana.

by Maria Espinosa
TERRELL – Sharnell James, the San Antonio/Austin area 2016-2017 Southwestern Christian College scholarship recipient, graduated with honors at the 67th Commencement Ceremony on May 12. Generous donations given during the yearly “Evening of Spiritual Harmony” songfest at the Northside church of Christ in San Antonio helped fund the scholarship
Originally from Texarkana, Sharnell worshipped with the San Pedro Church of Christ in San Antonio. She plans to pursue a degree in psychology beginning this fall at the Texas A&M campus in Texarkana. (more…)

Mac Mental Wellness Ministry offers workshop

by Carol Hollins
SAN ANTONIO — At some point in their lives, one in five adults and one in ten children and young people will encounter some level of mental illness. On Saturday June 9, the MacArthur Park Church of Christ’s Mental Wellness Ministry will host a free workshop on the topic for those interested, those affected and those who love them.
From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., two guest speakers will teach about some disorders, mental wellness and strategies for dealing with the challenges. Your presence is encouraged and will be welcome. (more…)

Texas Bible Bowl: The story of God’s redemption plan

By Chyrece Campbell
CAMP BANDINA – On Saturday morning April 7 the test proctor said, “Time. Pencils down.” The room filled with the sound of pencils hitting the desk like popcorn at theTexas Bible Bowl 2018 competition here.
More than 110 participants passed up their last Scantron test paper and then the once quiet room filled with conversations and laughter, as well as sighs of relief. After almost two hours of answering 250 questions on 1 Samuel, some participants asked each other questions about the test while others grabbed their Bibles looking for answers. (more…)

Glenn and White awarded Lynn McDonald Scholarship

From left, Adrian Glenn and Lang White

SAN ANTONIO — During Teen Sunday, May 20, the Northside Church of Christ here awarded the Lynn McDonald Scholarship to Adrian Glenn and Lang White. The annual scholarship award commemorates the life of Lynn Cash McDonald, a Northside teen who was killed in a tragic auto accident in the 1980’s.
Adrian, the son of Elizabeth Baratta of Georgia, has also won a three-year Army ROTC scholarship and plans to attend U.T.-San Antonio next fall. He lives with his grandparents, Bob and Marilyn Glenn, who are active members of the Northside congregation. (more…)

New friends hear gospel at Laurel Street

These students from the Brown Trail School of Preaching provided support. From left, they are Juan Carlos Jimenez, Leonardo Enriquez, Juan Luna, Americo William Garcia and Spanish Department Director, Willie Alvarenga.

Photos by Skylar Hinson.
SAN ANTONIO – The banner at the front of the auditorium reads: “Welcome. There are no strangers here, only friends who have not met.” Its translation reads, “Bienvenido a la iglesia. Aqui no hay extranos, solo amigos que no se han encontrado.” The words express the spirit of the gospel meeting held in Spanish at West Laurel Street here recently.


Dowell named as Christian News columnist

Our new columnist’s family: From left, daughter, Dawn; Marsha; grandson, Carter; husband, Sid; granddaughter, Presley; son, Chris and daughter-in-law, Stephanie.

SAN ANTONIO – She is married to a Santa, and he has given the Christian News of South Texas permission to quote him: “Marsha Dowell is on my ‘Nice” list and has my unqualified endorsement to serve as a regular columnist for your fine paper!” (more…)