The Value of Church Camp

by Mark Hammitt

CORPUS CHRISTI –This summer, young people from Weber Road and many other places throughout Texas will be attending Camp Bandina near Bandera, Texas. We will also send over 20 Weber Road adults to serve as staff members, counselors, and Bible class teachers during the session that includes July 4.
Weber students have been attending this camp since the 1960’s and many good things can be said about its value. Here are three of those things. (more…)

Will the Real Predestination Please Stand Up

by Gene Vance
SAN ANTONIO — Manifold confusion has simmered in the Christian community since the 1700’s concerning the topic of predestination for individuals. The theory of Predestination is based on seven scriptures taken out of their specific context. The word “foreknowledge,” appears first and is followed by five, forced into six, more descriptive pictures: Acts 2:23, Acts 4:28, Romans 8:29-30, 1 Corinthians 2:7, Ephesians 1:5, and Ephesians 1:11. Verses 29 and 30 of Romans 8 have been made into separate verses, although the Greek text does not do so. (more…)

Bible Bowers Win

BANDINA – “Not your ordinary Bible bowl,” the 10th Annual Camp Bandina event gave students and adults from all over Texas and a few from Oklahoma the opportunity to test on the gospel of John. For those who placed, the tests showed high scores, but the weekend was a win for all.TBB-Testing-2019
“Our students loved learning about the book of John by the use of jingles and other fun activities,” said Debbie Glasscock, a member of New Braunfels Church of Christ. “Bible Bowl is a great way to learn about God’s word, have fun, and fellowship with others,”
Samuel Hamblett and Kennedy Lewis, both high school seniors, won Texas Bible Bowl and Oklahoma Christian University scholarships. They and their families worship with West Bexar County church of Christ in San Antonio.
“I was just happy with the opportunity to be a part of Texas Bible Bowl and work on my writing with the essay,” said Hamblett. “I was very thankful, and the OC one was a big surprise. I wasn’t expecting it.”
Said Lewis, “I was never expecting a scholarship. As I wrote the essay I just allowed myself to have fun and poured my heart into the essay. I was shocked to hear part of my essay read as they announced I was one of the winners.”
These congregations were represented: Coahoma, League City, Magnolia, McDermott Road (Plano), Memorial (Houston), New Braunfels, Northwest (San Antonio), Southwest (Ada, Okla.) West Bexar (San Antonio) and West Erwin (Tyler).
The students who were testing for the first time competed in the “Inexperienced” section of their age groups. The students listed below, followed by their home churches, placed from tenth to first.
The Elementary Inexperienced students at the top include: Bree Lewis (Coahoma), Lillian Orosco (Coahoma), Margaret Reneau (Memorial), Brynlee Gordon (Coahoma), Rylan Rubio (Coahoma), Brandy Gonzales (New Braunfels), MacKenna Ballew (West Bexar), Will Locke (Coahoma), and Jackson Ballew (West Bexar). Taking second place was Landon Coats and Jaxen Kindsfather came in first, both from McDermott Road.
The top experienced students in the elementary division are: Madison Campbell (West Bexar), Callie Green (McDermott), Camila Deputy (McDermott), Noah Lokey (McDermott), Ryan Simmons (New Braunfels), River Gibson (League City), A.J. Campbell (West Bexar), Reagan Campbell (West Bexar) and Natalie Neill of Southwest. New Braunfels and McDermott had the second and first place scorers in Rylan Frech and Bethany Sanderford, respectively.
The smaller junior high inexperienced group had these winners: Jazmine Dearlove (West Bexar), Andrew Reneau (Memorial), Gabrielle Dearlove (West Bexar) and Cooper Spurlock (Memorial). Alex Reagan (Coahoma) took second place and Ethan Illert (West Bexar) had the top score.
In the Experienced Junior High groups, these students placed at the top: Deanna Georgen (McDermott), Katie Shanks (Memorial), Will Spain (Northwest), Leo Johnson (League City), Joey Georgen (League City), Elijah Gibson (League City), Gabriel Hunt (McDermott) and Abby Simmons (New Braunfels). Placing at the top were Matthew Kearney (McDermott) in second place and Malachi Drew (West Bexar) in first.
First time testers at the senior high level were led by Brance Workman (Coahoma) and Memorial’s Kyle Glover, in second and first place, respectively.tbb
In the senior high experienced division, these students had the best scores: Coleman Sandefur (League City), Kennedy Lewis (West Bexar), Samuel Hamblett (West Bexar), Noah Shugart (Northwest), Zach Sandeford (McDermott), Ethan Eck [Southwest], Casey Lay (Northwest), Roy Duncan (Southwest), and Abigail Kirkwood of McDermott. Taking second place was Southwest’s Jacob Neill and Benjamin Johnson of League City posted the highest score.
Among the top scorers in the adult category were Jeremy Gibson (League City), Cathy Spain (Northwest), Roger Simmons (New Braunfels), Ryan Duncan (Southwest), Kathy Robeck (New Braunfels), Mary Frech (New Braunfels), Katrinka Johnson (League City), Beverly Hicks (League City), Jana Smith (New Braunfels), and Jeannie Garcia (New Braunfels). Julie Hunt (McDermott) placed second and Mark Drew (West Bexar) took first place.
“This year was our first year doing Bible Bowl in Texas and it was a wonderful experience digging into God Word as a family and competing,” said Kiesha Dearlove, a member of West Bexar County Church of Christ. Her husband, Mark, plans to give the other adult top scorers some competition in 2020.
Next year, the contest will be held on the weekend of April 3-5. Students will test on the book of 2 Samuel. The non–highlighted text of the book is available now for download in pdf and Word formats.
Other resources will be made available through the Downloads tab at as the time nears.

Colorado mission to help all grow

SOUTH TEXAS — This summer, four South Texas church youth groups will be going on a mission trip. They are going to a land where the church is not strong, but where God’s plan of serving wounded children is still being carried out faithfully. The youth groups from the Dripping Springs, San Pedro (San Antonio), Canyon Lake and Riverside (Kerrville) churches of Christ will all travel to Longmont, Colo. Led by their youth ministers, Parker LaGrange, Alfred Huff, Joseph McWhorter and Raoul Ferris, respectively, the teens will serve as needed at Mountain States Children’s Home from July 6-13. Mountain-Sts-Childrens-Home
Said Walter Williams of the home, “The young people from the four Texas churches will be an encouragement and inspiration to the children at Mountain States Children’s Home.” They will help with the task whose value is noted by the 19th century American writer, Frederick Douglass: “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
The elders of the West Cedar church of Christ in Denver founded MSCH in 1960 to aid the wounded local children. Today, the home serves 24 students in five campus homes. A farm, campus school and a professional counseling center also support the care givers’ work.
The staff and directors on the board are all faithful members of the church of Christ. Every child who lives at MSCH hears the Gospel of Christ and learns how “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man” (Luke 2:52).
The care givers hope to say the same about every child who comes to the home. Each child grows in wisdom by receiving an education in the campus school. Each one grows in stature by having a safe and loving home to call his or her own. Six children live together in each home with a Christian husband and wife team to provide parental guidance and love there.
Growing in favor with God is the spiritual aspect. All children attend church services each week and participate in consistent devotions in the home. Finally, growing in favor with man is the emotional healing that comes from the professional Christian counseling that each child receives.
MSCH provides a deeper level of care to help children grow and succeed educationally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Says Williams, “We would like to encourage other congregations to seek out MSCH as a viable place to serve with your prayers and support. The care givers are in a real mission field in Colorado and they are staying true to the scriptural care of the fatherless.”
For more information about Mountain States Children’s Home, please visit or contact Williams at (210) 857-7006.

Sebastion lends a hand with CNST logistics

SAN ANTONIO — Eric Sebastion of the MacArthur Park Church of Christ has come alongside Christian News Business Manager Presley Orsburn to help recently. As one of the businessmen who founded the paper more than 40 years ago, Orsburn handles the ads and the logistics of getting the paper printed and mailed out.
Said Editor Paul McQuien: “The Christian News Board of Trustees appreciates Presley’s many years of service, as well as Eric’s willingness to lend a hand.” The two men have been working together in getting the almost 6,000 copies to the MacArthur Park church of Christ building where the volunteers attach the address labels on the first Thursday of each month. After that, the two take the loaded bins to the post office.


From left, Veronica and Eric Sebastion

Eric and his wife, Veronica, both served in the intelligence field of the United States Air Force for over 25 years and are now retired. Eric is originally from Campbellsville, Ky., and Veronica comes from Vineland, New Jersey. The couple has been married for 23 years, and they are raising two daughters, Erekha and Vontae’.
Eric graduated from Park University with a focus on management and currently serves as the Deacon for the Senior Adult Ministry for MacArthur Park. Veronica currently also serves on the Board for the Christian News and is pursuing a graduate degree from UTSA in clinical mental health counseling.
Grateful for Orsburn’s and Sebastion’s labors, the Christian News Board of Trustees also looks forward to continuing the work of encouraging others.

Girls learn and lead at retreat

SAN ANTONIO — Over 55 girls and women attended Ret’s Retreat at Hensel Christian Youth Camp in Marble Falls on the weekend of April 26-28. The “Give” theme for this year came from Luke 6:38: “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”Retz-logo
The West Bexar County church of Christ group led by Glenda Kirtland and the other girls from the third through twelfth grades gathered to get closer to God and to their fellow sisters in Christ. In class work, they learned how to give their hearts, minds and hands in service to the Lord. The goal of Ret’s Retreat is for every girl to be inspired to go back to her home congregation and use what she has learned to minister to others inside and outside of the church.
Other events included group decorating activities, a formal dress-up banquet and an all-female assembly on Sunday morning. The weekend ended with the notes of “We Love You with The Love of The Lord” ringing out as the students held hands for the closing.
The girls’ retreat and others like it were founded by Orr Family Ministries, a 501(c)3 organization that was formed in 2017. The girls’ weekend is currently run by Bryanna Watkins of Saginaw and Janae Fridell of Lafayette, La.
Through OFM, Michael and Loretta Orr provide camps, retreats, and seminars that equip, encourage and inspire spiritual leadership, training and development for young and old alike. The couple has been in ministry for sixteen years. Michael has preached for the church in Saginaw for nine years, and both he and his wife offer workshops at conferences, church events and Bible lectureships.
These are the upcoming events for this year. All are held at Camp Hensel.
Leadership Camp for 6th-12th grade boys and girls– July 21-27
Warrior Weekend for boys and men – Aug. 31-Sept. 2
Seeker’s Retreat for young adults – Dec. 13-15
For more information, visit the website at, email them at or call 972-804-2712.


DU to leave students without a doubt

DRIPPING SPRINGS – “Can’t wait!” proclaims one online post. The countdown clock for Discipleship University started running the minute that the web site went up and registration opened for the Aug. 2-4 event at the Dripping Springs church of Christ building this year.
With registration beginning at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, the keynote begins at 1:30. Speakers from all over will be meeting with teens on the topic of “Without a Doubt: A Study of Christian Evidences for Defending Your Faith with Confidence.” The powerful lessons offer resources for learning what Jesus means when He says, “I have given you an example” (John 13:15).
Youth Minister Parker LaGrange is coordinating DU. Groups from as far as Weber Road in Corpus Christi to Riverside in Kerrville and many other points on the compass have been signing up online at To get the t-shirt, be sure to register by July 16. The no-shirt registration closes on Aug. 2. Shirts will not be sold at the conference.


Jack Wilkie

The media tab on the DU website has two links of interest. The first leads to song videos. Says LaGrange: “Our goal this year is to sing several new songs over the weekend. To help with that, a playlist has been created to help everyone prepare and learn the songs before they arrive.”
The second link answers Marcie Gunter’s posted query: “Will it be recorded? I would love to hear your lessons.” The lessons from keynote speaker, Eric Lyons will be posted on that page.
The speakers address topics in ways that help young people deal with the challenges of the times. Eric Lyons’ keynote lesson on “Apologetics: Defined, Demanded and Demonstrated” kick starts DU 2019. A breakout session, the only one that features separate lessons for the boys and girls, will follow.


Eric Lyons

Tim and Jennifer O’Banon of the Schertz church of Christ will conduct the separate classes. Tim will discuss “The Roles of Men in the Church and in the Home” with the young men while Jennifer covers the roles of women in those settings with the young ladies.
The 3:30 p.m. breakout segment features a course for adults by Raoul Ferris, “Reaching Out with a Convicted Faith.” The sessions for teens focus on the Christian worldview (Daniel Garza), theistic evolution (Part 1 by Clint Brown) and transgenderism.
Said LaGrange, “Jack Wilkie will be speaking on Friday afternoon to our young people about a rapidly growing problem, transgenderism, and what our response as Christians should be. Jack serves as the editor of The Focus Press


Raoul Ferris

Blog and as preacher for the church of Christ in Forney, where he, his wife Allison, and their daughter, Gloria, reside. We are looking forward to having Jack with us!”
Classes resume after a pizza dinner and some singing. Kevin Cain presents the adult lesson on “Keeping Kids in the Faith in College.” Brown offers Part 2 of the theistic evolution class while Tyler King teaches on the problem of pain and suffering. Asking, “Is God a Moral Monster?”, Adam Warnes leads that discussion in the library.
Saturday morning begins with coffee and donuts at 8:30 and singing. Lyons’ keynote on “Three Things We Can Learn from Atheists” begins at 9:45 a.m. In the breakout sessions that follow, the adults are scheduled for a panel discussion with the church elders.
The student classes cover evidences from the Grand Canyon (Jordan Moore), truth (Logan Summers) and homosexuality. “Jon Arvin will be teaching the breakout session over homosexuality,” said LaGrange. “Jon is the youth and family minister at the 2nd and Adams church of Christ in Elk City, Okla. He graduated from Bear Valley Bible Institute in 2016 and has done excellent jobs speaking at youth events. We are very excited to have him here with us for the first time this year!”


Jon Arvin

Other morning classes include a lesson for adults by Joseph McWhorter on “How to Engage Our Youth.” With other teachers, teens will consider the classical arguments of apologetics (Dean Meadows) and the question, “Jesus: Man or Myth?” (LaGrange). Cain will present an analysis of the “Resurrection on Trial.”
Explains LaGrange, “Our brother Kevin Cain is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University (B.A. ’90 and M.Min. ’96), Brown Trail School of Preaching (’92), and the South Texas College of Law (’99). He currently serves as a deacon over the youth program at the Katy church of Christ, as a staff writer for Apologetics Press and as a partner with the Houston law firm of Martin, Disiere, Jefferson and Wisdom.”


Kevin Cain

After lunch is served at the church, Lyons will speak on “Three Things to Know about Dinosaurs and Humans.” The next session provides time for the group activity.
In the last classes, Tyler Young will lead the adult session. Moore will present a lesson on “How to Stay Faithful while Pursuing a Secular Degree.” McWhorter will teach on dealing with doubt and Jacob Rutledge will discuss, “How Do We Know the Bible Is True?”
The Sunday assemblies for worship, graduation and a barbecue lunch close the term.
For the full schedule and other information, see the website, email the church at dscofcoffice​ or call the office at 512-858-4500.


Tyler King

Austin grad registration opens

AUSTIN – “Equipping Christians and churches for service in the Kingdom,” the Austin Graduate School of Theology here recently announced that its 2019 summer and fall schedules are open. AGSt-logo
The summer classes begin on June 3 and July 8. The on-campus courses cover pastoral counseling, an introduction to the Bible as literature and teaching the Bible.
Online students may take a course on research and writing in theology and also one on ministering to children in crisis.
The fall term starts on Aug. 26. To see the course schedule and syllabi, go online to the site here: . For more information, email or call 512-476-2772 and ask for Lindi or Dave.

Hammitt interns at Weber Road

CORPUS CHRISTI – The church at Weber Road here heard recently that Reagan Hammitt will be working with them this summer as an intern. He is presently majoring in Bible at Freed-Hardeman University in Tennessee and will be a senior in the fall term. Wbr-Hammitt-Reagan-Intern-2019
The Weber Road church family influenced each stage of Reagan’s life as a member there. This summer will give him experience working with a congregation from the minister’s point of view. Reagan will be involved in many aspects of staff service with an emphasis on youth work, teaching Bible classes and preaching.
Said Pulpit Minister and Reagan’s father, Mark Hammitt to all: “We are so pleased! Thank you for any encouragement you can give to this young man.”

Interested in a good Christian youth camp? Act now!

SAN ANTONIO – Encouraging the West Bexar County young people, Mollie Drew exlaimed: “It’s almost time for summer camp! Spring has passed by in a flurry of activity, but if you move fast, you can still make it!” Her words hold true for most South Texans no matter where they live.
She said, “Camp Bandina is a wonderful week of Christian fellowship and Bible learning for young people age nine through just out of twelfth grade. Several of the WBCCC members have close ties to and/or have attended the session of Camp Bandina which includes the July 4 holiday. The Weber Road church of Christ in Corpus Christi organizes that week. The camp is located between Bandera and Medina, about one hour west of San Antonio.
“The final deadline for this camp is June 9, but getting applications in early will help everyone plan and secure campers’ spots. The fee goes up after June 9, and campers and staff should really be registered before then.”
The fee for Bandina campers is $185 for those who register before the deadline. A deposit of $85 per camper can be paid at registration, with the balance of $100 due by June 9. The late registration cost is $200.
For the relevant contact information and other session dates, see the Bandina Christian Youth Camp ad in this issue. Each session director will inform the group leaders about the camper paperwork package, other required forms and the list of things to bring.
Regarding another option, Mollie said, “I also recommend Pecos River Encampment, which is June 15-22 this year. It is a family (or youth without parents) camp near my hometown of Sheffield in West Texas.
“PRE is run on donations. The only required fee is $10 per person for insurance.
“Please note that youths who are 11 years old to just out of 12th grade are allowed (and required) to stay in the dormitory or in a tent or camper with parents. Adults will need to bring a tent or RV. Children younger than 11 are allowed to come if they are staying with parents in a tent or RV.”
Paul Shero, minister for the church in San Angelo, will be preaching and Jimmy Willeford will lead the singing.
PRE has a public group page on social media.

McDonald award goes to Shawnee and Olivia

SAN ANTONIO – During the Senior Sunday celebration at the Northside church of Christ here, Olivia Frolichstein, daughter of Bob and Dena Frolichstein and Shawnee Shaw, daughter of Ralph, Jr., and Jaqueline Shaw, were recognized. They were named as co-recipients of the Lynn McDonald Memorial Scholarship on the morning of June 19. Jim McDonald and his late wife, June, established the award at Northside in memory of their son.

Prayers, gifts fete high school grads

SOUTH TEXAS — “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him” (Col. 3:17). With this prayer, the Pleasanton congregation gave the blessing on May 12 to high school graduates, Lauren Willson (Jourdanton) and Hilton Mehrmann (Pleasanton).
Many congregations featured the grads’ photos in special displays that included gift Bibles, presents and other tokens of congratulations. During the celebrations, a few churches presented videos, some with good-natured roasting, along with the snacks, meals and prayers.
Kerrville’s Riverside members held a Senior Recognition and Luncheon honoring their graduate, Benjamin Ferris, on May 5. The special assembly, a taco salad/nacho bar meal, prayers, gifts and good wishes marked the day. Tammy Mulliniks coordinated the event.
At the Midtown congregation in Victoria, the church held a graduation reception for Anthony Scherffius. On June 2, he and the members gathered for cake and his gifts after the evening assembly.
At Weber Road in Corpus Christi, the church feted the accomplishments of Timothy Brittain, Jade Floissac, Sarah Hunt, Beatrice Keola, Ryan Stark and Bert Towne at the evening assembly on May 19.
Several San Antonio congregations also honored their outgoing high school seniors this spring.
The Northside Church of Christ blessed and prayed for Cody Delgado, Jackson Evans, Olivia Frolichstein, Wade Largent and Shawnee Shaw during Senior Sunday on May 19.
A gifts and notes table was set up at Northwest for Amanda Daiberl, Casey Lay, Jefflin Leslie, Kailey Payne, Karli Salazar, Kayla Sellards, Noah Shugart, Ellie Ward and Logan Weynand. Church members were invited to highlight their favorite scriptures and write notes of encouragement in the grads’ gift Bibles in time for the June 2 Senior Sunday events.
The San Pedro congregation honored its five high school graduates with an Appreciation Luncheon on Sunday, May19. Amid special displays highlighting each honoree and speeches of congratulation and encouragement, San Pedro recognized these seniors: Jack Harris (Churchill High School), plus Wesley Huff, Zoie Roell, Korey Schaefer and Naaman Schaefer, all of whom are home-school graduates.
At West Bexar County, Kara Culpepper organized a banquet in recognition of Macy Drew, Deston Dunnah, Samuel Hamblett and Kennedy Lewis. On June 2, the church marked their accomplishments and celebrated them.
Many church leaders throughout South Texas hailed the seniors for the goals they had successfully reached, but also reminded them of the true success of the ultimate goal, for which they would go on reaching as they continue in the Way.

Midweek SPS: Fire, truth, investment

SOUTH TEXAS – The church for whom Christ died continues in the work of fulfilling the great commission and encouraging ongoing sanctification through the annual Summer Preaching Series. Toward those ends, these congregations in this region are reporting their schedules for the midweek lessons.
Riverside in Kerrville
This year, the Riverside church of Christ is basing its bi-weekly outreach on this verse from Jeremiah: “If I say, I will not mention him, or speak any more in this name, there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot” (20:9).
Recognizing the challenge that the church faces and in light of the resources to meet them that the Lord provides, Riverside speakers will respond to these questions: “What is the fire in you? What is weighing on your heart? What word of concern, what great encouragement do you have for the Lord’s church today?”
John Moore of the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver gave the first lesson on June 5. These are the rest of the dates and the presenters.
19 – Wayne Jones, University church of Christ, San Marcos
3 – Ed Wharton, Sunset International Bible Institute, Lubbock
17 – Jacob Rutledge, Dripping Springs church of Christ
31 – Tommy LeFan, Fredericksburg church of Christ
14 – Stan Reid, Austin Graduate School of Theology
Weber Road in Corpus Christi
Weber Road is inviting the community learn from its Wednesday night summer series considering the question, “How Do We Know?” It began with dinner at 5:30 on June 5. Jacob Rutledge of the Dripping Springs congregation presented the first lesson titled, “The Bible Is True” at 7 p.m.
The church provides Bible classes for infants and children through fifth grade each Wednesday. These are the dates, speakers, and titles for the remaining sessions.
12 Clayton Soleyn “God Created All Things”
19 Allen Hahn “Jesus Was a Man”
26 Patrick Hammack “Jesus Was God”
3 Justin Guess “God Loves All Mankind”
10 Ronnie Scherffius “Jesus Was Raised from the Dead”
17 Don D’Herde “There Will Be a Final Judgment”
24 Shan Jackson “Jesus Alone Can Save Us”
31 Kevin Hunt “Baptism Is Essential for Salvation”
7 Preston Hammitt “There Is Absolute Right and Wrong”
14 Matt Gibson “There Is a Heaven”
21 Daniel Garza “There Is a Hell”
28 Eddie Rodriguez “Only One Church Was Established by Christ”
The congregation here is hosting a Summer Preaching Series on the theme: “Are You Invested?” It is based on this passage: “If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interest of others” (Philippians 2:1-4.)
Each teacher will bring his favorite lesson on being so invested. These are the available dates and speakers.
5 – Robert Miller
12 – Lonnie Henderson, Pt. 1
19 – Lonnie Henderson, Pt. 2
26 – Warren Domke
3 Mark Forster
MacArthur Park, San Antonio
“Life Together” is the theme for the midweek Summer Speaker Series here. Members and visitors will meet in the fellowship hall at 7 p.m. for these sessions.
12 “Members of One Another” by Scott Meyer of Temple
19 “Carry One Another’s Burdens” by Randy Fenter of Austin
3 “Serve One Another” by Curt Niccum of Abilene
10 “Honor One Another” by Mic Biersboer of New Braunfels
17 “Encourage One Another” by Ken Hysten of Sweeney
24 “Devoted to One Another” by Dewey Howard of Lubbock
31 “Submit to One Another” by Allen Carr of Oklahoma City
7 “Bear with one Another” by Lamont Ross of Dallas
14 “Admonish One Another” by Seth McDowell of Frisco
21 “Greet One Another” by Jeff Brooks of Trophy Club