14 years of spiritual harmony in San Antonio


by Maria Espinoza
SAN ANTONIO – As our city is celebrating 300 years, so “An Evening of Spiritual Harmony” will be shining for the 14th time at the Northside Church of Christ, 19818 US Hwy 218N. The uplifting, inspirational singing begins at 5:30 p.m., on Saturday, Sept. 22. (more…)


Local Preacher to Global Teacher

NEW ORLEANS —Local preacher, Dr. David Srygley, has taken his love for the Bible global. Srygley, who until recently served as the pulpit minister at the Arlington Heights Church of Christ in Corpus Christi, has been appointed as Chief Academic Officer for NationsUniversity. NationsUniversity is a non-profit, Christian university accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), a commission approved by the U.S. Department of Education.
“I am excited to work with Dr. Mac Lynn to build upon NationsUniversity’s 20 years of success,” states Srygley. “Getting high quality, post-secondary biblical studies to students who are faced with barriers of all kinds will continue to be challenging work, but I look forward to all that it brings.” As CAO, Srygley will also continue to improve the academic offerings of the institution and explore new avenues of service to students around the world. (more…)

San Pedro hosts 1st Sunday singing

SOUTH TEXAS — Area brethren and their friends are invited once again to address “one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord” with their hearts (Eph. 5:19, ESV) at the First Sunday Singing on Sept. 2. The San Pedro church of Christ in San Antonio will host the event. The sing-along usually begins at 3 p.m. and is followed by a time of fellowship afterwards. For information, call the church office at 210-822-3305.

McQuien’s Musings: A Question of Inspiration

by Paul McQuien

Attitudes toward the inspiration of the Bible range across the entire spectrum from the agnostic denial of divine inspiration of the text, other than in a literary sense, to the polar opposite that every word, at least in the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, was divinely inspired. Other viewpoints accept the general inspiration of the Testaments but question the idea of “verbal plenary” inspiration of every word and sentence.
One helpful approach is to examine what the Bible itself, especially the New Testament, tells us about divine inspiration of the text, and the short answer is, not a whole lot. In general, the Scriptures assert their divine origin without attempting to prove them. After all, proof would negate the necessity of faith, which is central to Christianity. (more…)

New normal dawns for AGST grads

From left, front row: Christopher O’Keefe, Kimberly Venzant and Eric Jones. Back: Christopher Stephens and Jared Brock

AUSTIN – Addressing members of the Class of 2018, speaker Greg Neill exhorted them to “learn to depend on the presence of the God who spoke and ordered the chaos in the beginning.” During the recent commencement ceremony for the Austin Graduate School of Theology, about 100 friends, family, staff, and faculty watch the grads march across the stage at the Hyde Park Church of Christ here in May and then enjoyed a reception with them.
The Marble Falls church of Christ pulpit minister delivered the commencement address to Christopher Stephens, who earned a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies, and Jared Brock, Eric Jones, Christopher O’Keefe and Kimberly Venzant, all Master of Arts in Theological Studies grads. Neill spoke of the “New normal in the lives of service in ministry that would bring challenges” and offered encouragement from the Psalms.
Austin Grad is currently enrolling for the fall semester that begins on Aug. 27. For more information, contact Renee Kennell at 512-476-2772 or see AustinGrad.edu.

The blessing of baptizing grandchildren

At left, Grandson Avery confesses Christ before his grandfather Paul immerses him.

SAN ANTONIO — A Northside couple, Berto and Tammy Guerra, were elated recently when their daughter, Kelly, called to say that two of the grandchildren wanted to be baptized. Berto and the other grandfather Paul, baptized their grandchildren, Avery and Easton in the Guerra’s swimming pool, but the occasion brought back memories and a special blessing. Here’s the rest of the story.
Berto was born in the town of Roma, Texas, just a few feet across from the Mexican border. English was definitely a second language there. Later, he and his family moved to Corpus Christi where the youngster shined shoes in his father’s barbershop. (more…)

50+ Mr. and Mrs. Allen Shields

SAN ANTONIO — On June 7, 1968, Allen and Cheryl Shields were married at the Park Row church of Christ in Arlington. Fifty years later, the couple writes, “We feel very blessed to have reached this milestone.” The party to celebrate the special occasion took place on June 9 at the Southwest church of Christ with many friends and family in attendance.

Our Departed: Dr. James M. Dye

SAN ANTONIO – The church celebrated the servant life of Dr. James M. Dye at the Northwest building here recently. After a long illness, the brother followed Jesus home on May 26.

Dr. James M. Dye

By way of tribute, James Taylor remembers: “Jim was a great friend and Christian brother. I’ll always have good memories of our times together in children’s worship with him hosting the puppet stories. We taught classes together and served as fellow elders at MacArthur Park Church of Christ. I appreciated his quiet manner and good advice. Jim designed our home in San Antonio.”
Karen Herring recalls: “I never saw Jim without a smile on his face, greeting everyone.” (more…)

Our Departed: Jo Ann Parks Harber

Jo Ann Parks Harber

SAN ANTONIO – “Jo Ann was a true Christian lady and an example and inspiration. Its been a privilege and blessing to have known her, Joe, and their family,” remembers Carl Doyle. He spoke of Jo Ann Parks Harber who fulfilled the Proverbs 31:10-31’s mandate for Christian service in many ways before she went home to the Lord on May 30.
Born in 1932 near Canton, in Van Zandt County, Jo Ann grew up in San Antonio and graduated from Burbank High School. After that, she attended San Antonio College.
She worked in accounting and payroll at Kelly and Randolph Air Force bases. Jo Ann later served as church secretary for the San Pedro Church of Christ. (more…)