McQuien’s Musings by Paul McQuien – Venus, Mammon, and Mars

Although the Jews abandoned their disastrous idolatrous practices after their return from Babylonian and Persian captivity, the worship of false gods was still universal among the Greeks and Romans of the first century A.D.  And a form of idolatry still haunts us today in the 21st century. (more…)


Life with Father by Marsha Dowell – Messenger or Angel?

In December, 2018, my 91-year-old father-in-law Cecil had a stroke.  He was in Albuquerque visiting his 92-year-old sister Juanita.  If you are envisioning two old people spending their days sitting in rockers, you would be wrong.  These two spend their days sightseeing, exercising, and going out to eat. (more…)

Come practice telling Christ’s story

AUSTIN — Dr. James Nored’s “Christ-Centered Church on Mission” workshop is set to go at the Austin Graduate School of Theology from Jan. 14-18. The deep-study outreach seminar will be held at the school’s North Austin location.

The Next Generation approach helps train learners to tell Christ’s story. They may audit the course for $100 or enroll for college credit hours for $1,330. The books run from $20 to $85 total.

For more information, go online to and click on the Events tab. Register by emailing For other information, call 512-476-2772.

Teens click to living for Christ at CYC

CORPUS CHRISTI – Students from the Weber Road congregation here and the Riverside church in Kerrville are among the South Texans getting ready to travel to Dallas for the Jan. 18-20 Challenge Youth Conference. The theme this year is “Unashamed.”

The conference is set for the Dallas Marriott in Irving. The organizers, led by Larry Davenport, have put together a program that seeks to empower teenagers with sound teaching that “challenges and encourages them to live their lives for Christ.”

According to Lonnie Jones of the Maysville church of Christ in Gurley, Ala., the conference aims to “challenge young people to see what Christians stand for in both teaching and example…. It is about positive conservatism. It is not about how to be better than the pagans, denominations or the ‘liberals.’ It is about how to be better people of God. (more…)

Edinburg gets ancianos (elders)

EDINBURG — Several prospective elders and deacons came forward to serve and sat in the front pews during worship at the Edinburg iglesia de Cristo recently. After some months of deliberation, the church recognized their leadership during the installation ceremony on Dec.16.

Gospel preachers, Juan Luna and Edilfonso Rodríguez, have been teaching biblical leadership Bible classes to the men of the congregation for the past year. Epi Fuentes, Noe Ocañas, David Vanegas and Alejandro Vega stepped up to serve as elders. Victor López and José Vela came forward to assist the church as deacons. (more…)

Defender in the faith

by Chyrece Campbell

SAN ANTONIO – “He’s a Defender,” yelled an audience member as De’Oveon Brown, 18, walked across the Security Forces Technical School stage to receive the diploma on Dec. 20 at Lackland Air Force Base here.

Little did the onlookers know that he was not just a defender of freedom as an SFS member, but also a defender of his faith. Brown is a member of Jasper Street Church of Christ in Decatur, Ill., where his father is the minister. (more…)

Harding cites Massey for doing more in the Lord

SEARCY. Ark. – When Harding University here announced its list of stellar ex-students in the autumn of 2018, the roll included Dr. Fred Massey of Helotes, Texas. The Outstanding Alum for the College of Sciences was recognized in part for using “his gifts as an oncologist with a specialty in women’s health to aid in his calling to ministry.”

A member of the class of ’59, Massey states, “In the office of my private practice, I kept a stack of pamphlets on ‘how can I be saved?’ Over the years, hundreds were taken. I also was able to serve others doing surgery in third-world countries where people had no access to medical care.” (more…)

What’s New at Christian Village?

by Donna Vickers, Christian Village Board of Directors Vice-President

SAN ANTONIO –The Christian Village Apartments has been upgraded in several areas recently. In operation for almost four decades, the HUD Section 8 complex provides homes for the elderly and disabled.

The most exciting improvement is the recently-completed fire sprinkler system. Although the CVA was grandfathered in and not compelled by law to have a sprinkler system, the directors on the board believed so strongly that it was important for the safety of the residents that they took it on as a matter of principle. The fact that the homes are occupied made an already expensive and complicated process even more of a challenge, but it has been done. (more…)

Dive in to provide baptisteries?

CORPUS CHRISTI – Many of the buildings in which people come to terms with Christ do not come with built-in baptistries. Online, they cost an average of $3000. But major renovations are not the best solutions. For $25, a disciple of the Lord can contribute to help others begin to follow Christ into baptism at almost any place and time. For that amount per month, a congregation can provide support to make baptism possible in settings where the means to immerse a new believer are scarce. Would you join in to help?

“Baptistries Around the World” began in 1991 as a special program of Kings Crossing Prison Ministries under the oversight of Kings Crossing Church of Christ here. To date, 382 more affordable and portable baptistries have been placed in 37 states, including 103 in 39 foreign countries. American Rehabilitation Ministries (ARM) of  Joplin, Mo., estimates that nearly 40 people per baptistry are immersed each year. This adds up to over 15,000 immersions annually. (more…)